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Any Zulutrade Signal Providers Out There?

Apache Green (boonejc1)
Feb 13 2014 at 08:49
posts 2
Hi All,

I have been trying to learn a bit about being a signal provider for zulutrade. From what I've seen it seems that Signal providers in the US have a different formula to determine compensation from other jurisdictions. The payment formula is:

((Aggregate customer capital following the Trader / Initial balance) / 100) × Subscription fee

This seemed ok until I looked at some signal providers who are among the most followed. According to the formula above it seems that many would be lucky to make even 100$ or 200$ a month. On the other hand, it would seem much better to be an NFA registered IB where you earn half a pip per lot, per trade. I'm not even sure what an NFA registered IB is or how to get this credential but this seems massively more profitable even considering similar real money followers.

Can anyone attest to this or have experience with zulutrade? Anyone know how to become an NFA registered IB?

vontogr (togr)
Feb 13 2014 at 11:05
posts 4862
I am #700 in Zulutrade rank
I got just 2 followers and hardly any profit
Due to various additional zulutrade settings the trades does not match trades on my account
Oct 08 2014 at 06:43
posts 7
#84 right now. I just checked it. How did you do it if I may ask?
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