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Broker recommendation!

Aug 31 at 11:46
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IC markets also has a branch in seychelles and wont let anyone from australia join the offshore IC markets.

Sep 01 at 13:35
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'I currently use FP Markets, would recommend them. Better spreads and lower commission compared to other similar ECN brokers.

Reliable brokers with proper customer staff and spreads are consistent even during high volatile market movements.'

BrokerChoice (ChanKaiTai)
Sep 02 at 09:37
posts 43
I am using ZFX as my main broker. low spread and low commission are actually a must in ECN account.
If you want rebate, you can contact IB to negotiate

Sep 02 at 10:42
posts 26
I mostly recommend FP Markets, my currency broker, because their spreads are some of the tightest and commissions per lot are lower than the competitors.

I trade using their Raw spreads account (ECN), where EUR/USD averages at 0.0 pips for more than 50% of the day. The spreads are low across currency pairs.

Sep 08 at 12:20
posts 283
I recommend Amarkets for work, a broker under the conditions of the top now, both for beginners and experienced traders, fast payments are also pleasing

Sep 14 at 12:26
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'From my experience, FP Markets has definitely been good; their trading conditions have been very reliable even during high volatile events.

Another advantage is that FP Markets is regulated by ASIC, so they have to be very compliant, so clients can be rest assured that their funds are safe'

Sep 14 at 13:04
posts 355
So far, I really liked working with a broker from Amarkets. In my opinion, this company now offers really profitable working conditions that can bring a profit to a trader.

Karlos Fandango (Smith2525)
Sep 15 at 00:24
posts 77
iccapital posted:
IC markets also has a branch in seychelles and wont let anyone from australia join the offshore IC markets.

Yep! I had the same issue, so was forced to go for an off-shore alternative. Actually glad i did now as i hold my balance in BTC instead of AUD, which is far more attractive for the long haul

Sep 22 at 16:04
posts 30
I recommend trading with my current broker, FP Markets. It is an older broker with over 15 years of forex business experience.

The spreads are lower, averaging at 0.2 or lower with minimum slippage and the execution speed is faster.

Sep 23 at 13:58
posts 28
I recommend trading with FP Markets. They have a minimum opening balance of $100 AUD with lower commission costs, and the spreads are tighter, especially in EURUSD; the spreads average at 0.0 pips throughout the day.

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