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Can the real traders please stand up

Mar 08 2010 at 16:27
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Mikeyroll posted:
    I agree with pc8multifx. I used to make 8% a month trading equities. 1% in 3 months is terrible. That's 4% a year. I moved to forex because I got tired of having to maintain a $25k balance to daytrade. I can trade with much less capital and move my other funds elsewhere.

50% on a 10k account is just as practical on a 100k account or more. There is plenty of liquidity in the market. I started with $4k. It took me about a month to get my trading system/strategy down after switching to forex. I think I can do about 15% a week with little risk. We'll see how it goes this month using the same techniques and strategies I used in February.

Hello, how do you do 15% a week??

Mar 08 2010 at 21:56
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non of my business, but you should suggest your friends to work at hedge funds or banks. If they can prove nice record they will be more than happy to help em.

If i got it right they need more cash...

Mar 08 2010 at 23:30
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They've tried, believe me.

One even got as far as to work for funds twice. Both folded before he could really prove anything.

Mar 09 2010 at 09:12
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folded? tried to look the definition but it should be slang. so what does it mean? :)

Mar 09 2010 at 09:20
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Went under, like folding your hand in a game of poker.

Mar 09 2010 at 09:24
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Fund are miserable things. Deeply unethical.

Only people who get wealthy out of them are the fund owners and people placing the funds.

When's the last time you saw a rich pensioner who retired early because of fund growth? I used to be FA (sort off), and the most common call I got was bankrupt pensioners. Can't afford the medical insurance anymore.

Did all the right things their whole life. Had the bond, paid the life insurance, invested in RA's, pensions and funds...and at 80 want to shoot themselves 'cuase the medical bills are to much.

Yet the fatcat fund owner is having a heart attack somewhere from over eating.

Mar 09 2010 at 14:01
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Founds and Banks sucks, they live from or life savings… it’s like getting legally robbed!
And just one thing, you can have 10K or it’s all about the risk…
If you play, let’s say, RR 3:1 with 1,5% risk on every trade you will get +4,5% in every profitable trades and -1,5% on non profitable trades… it doesn’t matter if you have a 10k or 100k even a 100M account it’s always a -1,5% or +4,5% on your account.

So if you tell me that you only make a 1% 3 month… I will ask you: what is your risk per trade and your R to R ratio? If the RR is less than 1,5:1 you’re not a trader, you are a gambler.
1% risk its ok if you are scared of big numbers… but real traders risk 2%.

No offense but that “found manager” sucks! I had a very bad day today but have +1,8% and for this week +15,03% last week was -5% or something like that… 50% monthly is not impossible, if you do “real world” trading you can even do more.

Mar 09 2010 at 21:19
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LOL yes the 1% in 3 months is ridiculous and he should get in the habit of explaining his existence daily, maybe something good will come from that.

 Technically it shouldn't matter what the $ amount is in the account as long as you follow your rules but in practice its a much different thing, every level (everybody has their own) brings more emotions, but still 1% - 3 months c'mon.

I've only been to to 6 figure accounts so far so I don't know what the emotions are above that but it aint that bad at 6.


Mar 29 2010 at 23:48
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I don't consider myself in anyway a very experienced trader, but even I'm getting almost 20% a month since October! Well the bot is in anyways! LOL

When everything else out there is just not good enough, design your own! MIDAS
Hernan Segovia (Spyfrat)
Mar 30 2010 at 06:40
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re first post. wow what an inspiring piece sir, very inspiring indeed. :

God is great all the time
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