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financial assistance

bakhtiar (bakhtiyarnikain)
Dec 10 2021 at 11:30
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Dec 10 2021 at 16:45
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Well, what exactly do you need?
Dec 11 2021 at 09:15
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How can I help you? Write right away, what help is needed
Dec 12 2021 at 09:47
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The best option is when the trader himself knows this and understands what's what.
Seb King (sebking1986)
Dec 16 2021 at 11:39
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You need to be more specific than that.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Dec 19 2021 at 00:19
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I can help you if you tell me the details. Should you need a financial assistant or should you know about any other subject.
Dec 19 2021 at 09:54
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As already written above, it is better to immediately more accurately indicate how exactly you can help you.
Dec 20 2021 at 12:04
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Hahaha! Aren’t we too curious to help each other? Even when the OP hasn’t mentioned anything about what he needs help with, we can’t stop asking him to tell us.
Dec 20 2021 at 20:47
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skihav posted:
As already written above, it is better to immediately more accurately indicate how exactly you can help you.
He did not ask his question. I guess he wants to know about the strategy, but can he really be profitable with the indicators? Please do the analysis.
Cegar (Cegar)
Jan 13 at 20:47
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I personally can't understand why people need financial assistance, however the can be useful in particular cases. For example, when you don't understand something but you want to sort out in this topic, you can ask a help from a financial assitant. Remember that in the most cases you can be asked for paying for this assistance, so if you don't have good sums of oney, then perhaps you shouldn't use the help from these financial assistance. All traders decide by themselves, whether they require a help from such one or not. I prefer not to contact with such ones, because it's just a waste of time.
Feb 03 at 17:39
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In my opinion, people should never choose a loan or money that they can afford to lose. Trade with the money you can lose.
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
May 20 at 16:08
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By financial assistance, are you asking for help with trading or looking for a loan or help to make a deposit?
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