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GBP/USD daily outlook

Apr 08 2017 at 12:46
posts 421
The British pound was down against the US dollar on Friday. By the close of US trading, GBP/USD was trading at 1.2367, losing 0.82%. I believe that support is now at 1.2367, the low of Friday's trading, and the resistance is likely at 1.2556, Monday's high.

Magic Martingale (MagicMartingail)
Apr 09 2017 at 06:30
posts 21
As I told here before it will fluctuate within range , the nearest goal is 1.2150.

Power is nothing without control
Apr 12 2017 at 14:23
posts 1117
The pair is stuck in a quite wide sideways consolidation between 1.2080 and 1.2700 and it's currently moving to the upside again. The closest target is at 1.2550.

Apr 13 2017 at 06:19
posts 8
Looking for go up. First target 1.2575 then 1.2615

Ari Goldman (arigoldman)
Apr 14 2017 at 08:33
posts 907
GBP/USD had a good week this week as price advanced to a high of 1.2575. Next week the pair might consolidate if there are no major news to stir the market.

Apr 16 2017 at 13:11
posts 421
The British pound was up against the US dollar on Friday. By the close of US trading, GBP/USD was trading at 1.2525, gaining 0.12%. I believe that support is now at 1.2362, Monday's low, and resistance is likely at 1.2575, Thursday's high.

Rebecca Pettersson (kerstin71)
Apr 16 2017 at 20:58
posts 40
The weekly closing price of Cable is showing different by 2-15 pips in different brokers? It's 1.2522 in Tickmill (FCA).
What about your broker? It is important to identify the opening weekly gap.

Apr 19 2017 at 10:17
posts 898
GBPUSD is losing 0.09% at 1.2830 and a break below 1.2623 (200-day sma) would expose 1.2521 (20-day sma) and finally 1.2513 (low Apr.18). On the upside, the next hurdle lines up at 1.2904 (high Apr.18) followed by 1.3125 (high Sep.22 2016) and then 1.3279 (high Sep.15).

Apr 19 2017 at 13:18
posts 1117
GBP/USD moved sharply to the upside after the fundmentals yesterday and reached a new high at 1.2900. It's currently consolidating sideways, but it's possible the move to the upside is not over yet.

Apr 20 2017 at 10:57
posts 708
The British pound recorded a decline against the US dollar on Wednesday. The currency pair opened at 1.2841 and after a volatile session the pound ended at 1.2775. Daytime extreme values ​​were reached at 1.2859 and 1.2769 respectively. The MA took up the beating formation as the indicators developed above the average levels, contributing to positive attitudes. The main challenge remains 1.3090.

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