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Looking for managers - large accounts
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Miembro desde Mar 24, 2010  84 mensajes trade4hapi Apr 15 2011 at 10:32
Hi, now I provide account management.

you can check my performance.

For details, you can contact my Email:


Miembro desde Jan 26, 2011  1367 mensajes zzzero Apr 15 2011 at 15:36
speki posted:
Jacques, no worries. Now you see why are we a little cautious here.

Maybe you could give the verification another try. Try the 'MyFXBook EA'. Try asking the staff. Man has visited the moon, we have brain surgery, tissue engineering (right Edward?)

i drool over that biotech stuff, it is all just so awesomely wonderful.


Miembro desde Nov 18, 2009  735 mensajes speki Apr 15 2011 at 15:58
Dat is indeed admirable, Edward. I'm also fascinated by these little GloFish beauties:

Hmmm.... I think I'll order a big seafood pizza right now. I just have to eat something waterborne.

Regarding EDGE capital markets ... not sure what's wrong with your google, but mine found them.. a Norwegian stockbroking company. No sign of MetaTrader or Forex trading tho.

Surround yourself with people whose eyes light up when they see you and who have no agenda for your reform.

Miembro desde Jan 26, 2011  1367 mensajes zzzero Apr 16 2011 at 00:26 (editado a las Apr 16 2011 at 00:34 )
my point exactly, i did not find any edge capital markets that also shows any indication of metatrader or forex.

when i register an account here at myfxbook, i am allowed to specify either a metatrader or oanda account.

as i was looking for an edge capital markets or market that also has a metatrader linkup and i did not find that, i assumed that there either was no such company or that i just could not find them.

i did find a single forex broker review site where one person asked about edge capital markets, but no other links to it and the web address provided was not online, it was a dead link.

fyi, when i came back in and apologized to mr jaques, i was mocking him.

get it?

of course, tho, i could be wrong.

but, take all of the pieces and put them together:

an initial deposit of exactly one million dollars.
an UNVERIFIED account.
no withdrawls.
would you just straight up deposit a million bucks with some unknown broker that has NO LINKS TO IT AT ALL ON THE WEB?

it is my opinion that mr jaques has no million dollar account.

it is also my opinion that no advertising will appear on cnbc and mr jaques is a fake.

did he post a link to EDGE CAPITAL MARKETS?

again, i could be wrong.

i am so good at being wrong.

i do that kind of thing a lot.

i give up, so you tell me...

in closing, i like to say that in closing thingy, so, in closing i might suggest that it is possible to setup a bogus metatrader server and completely fabricate all trades and even produce an entirely verified account here at myfxbook. this is why accounts that hide their broker name should not be invested in UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. unless a myfxbook account is traded via a well known broker AND it is verified fully, investors should proceed with extreme caution.

and to think that some call me paranoid...



Miembro desde Jan 26, 2011  1367 mensajes zzzero Apr 16 2011 at 01:15
ok, here is the link to the forex broker review site that i found that has a page that is setup for reviewing edge capital markets:

odd, there are absolutely NO REVIEWS submitted for this broker.

odd, aint it?

now, the web address provided for edge capital markets is:

odd, again, but is a dead link.

i am absolutely baffled.

my mind is boggled.

in fact, tho it is off topic a tad, i think that i may have just crapped my pants.

oh yes, i went to google and searched for <B>SITE:EDGECM.COM</B> and guess what?

when you search google for, it returns pages ONLY FROM YAHOO.COM..

google said that it finds NO WEB PAGES FROM EDGECM.COM

anyways, jaques, i think that it is time for me to say nighty night to your fake azz sht.



Miembro desde Jan 26, 2011  1367 mensajes zzzero Apr 16 2011 at 01:22
mr jaques booysen's account should be investigated immediately and if what i suggest is correct, if his account is fraudulent...

his account should be frozen or blocked or deleted immediately.

somebody should make a phone call to that broker in south africa and find out what mr jaques is up to.

of course, tho, i could be wrong.

good day.


Miembro desde Jan 26, 2011  1367 mensajes zzzero Apr 16 2011 at 01:23
you know what would be funny?

if next week jaques was actually on cnbc with bill gates.

i would pee my pants.



Miembro desde Jan 26, 2011  1367 mensajes zzzero Apr 16 2011 at 01:35
i just went to google and searched for whois

   Domains by Proxy, Inc.

   Domain Name: EDGECM.COM

   Domain servers in listed order:


Miembro desde Mar 28, 2011  1008 mensajes ForexScam Apr 16 2011 at 06:37

SunnyDays posted:
    Just for everyone's information, most systems can be verified at fxbook, but some brokers do not allow their accounts to be verified by fxbook for technical reasons dealing with server access. For example, my account at ATC brokers cannot be verified as no account at ATC can be verified by fxbook YET.

Best Regards


One Pip At A Time: Pipinvestment

Miembro desde Feb 20, 2010  152 mensajes Wayne (SunnyDays) Apr 16 2011 at 07:06
Thanks for sharing this info,

All i can tell you is ATC accounts have not been able to be verified with myfxbook. If you doubt this just email anyone at myfxbook - Ethan is the main guy ( - and he will confirm this. You can also call ATC brokers and ask them if this is the case.

As i said in one of my previous posts (i think to my managed accounts) Ethan of myfxbook has told me my ATC account would e able to be verified soon as fxbook is instituting a new verification process that Ethan told me would actually be implemented this weekend.

I look forward to having my ATC account finally verified. And wish me luck in getting through this flatline i have been stuck in for a couple weeks. I expect some better progress in my charts due to some intense development to my system i have been doing.
I certainly wasn't trying to defend Mr. J that has been getting a lot of heat lately (the hound-dogs are on the trail :) I was just saying let's don't dismiss a system out of hand because of the verification issue (as i'm stuck in this group soon to be out of).

I am very critical of anyone who puts a system on here that is not verified and won't show their broker and won't show trade history. I think fxbook should require all brokers to be shown as organized deception is possible through broker activity. If we at least know who the broker is we can set aside this cynical suspicion in most cases... That's a long discussion there...

Have a nice weekend everyone

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