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looking to trade, need who to partner with.

Jul 12 2011 at 19:21
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i am a new trader and i need someone to help me with the trading. please contact me if you are interested.

Maurizio Fallico (MFallico)
Jul 27 2011 at 09:56
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If you want to trade profitable you have to buy some tools at first.
Without the right tools you are lost.

Maurizio Fallico

Grounder of


My Goal is to protect my Money and after that, to gain my Balance !
Steve Walker
Jul 27 2011 at 10:50
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I would like to tell you about my forex experience.

when started 4 years ago I was thinking I am the smartest one and would collect the money from market.
first I started with a local broker live account and excel sheets. not worked at all.
I have joined the woodie cci club for a year but again no result at all.
then jumo into MT4 pool and learned about the coding.
tested thousands(I mean that) of strategies coded them and backtested.
Lucly found some workings.
buy what I have done at the beggining was with the first loosing trade I stop live trading and worked with demo.

Ihave some suggestions for you if you dont mind wink

- find a reliable EA. you can find some from myfxbook live account working EA s
or you can find very good critics about EA s here
- choose your broker
- rent a VPS

fırst you should at least 2months of demo test wıth the EA and wıth the broker you are goıng to deal ın Lıve account.
second you MUST run EA on a stable VPS wıth max 10ms latency wıth your broker.
thırd the free VPS optıon from broker, you must be carefull ıf the EA coded by yourself. Decompılıng ex4 ıs very easy
fourth after 2 months of demo you should start wıth as low volume as possıble wıth lıve and step up very slowly


Maurizio Fallico (MFallico)
Jul 27 2011 at 15:44
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Don't trade with EA's they will blow your account away!

My Goal is to protect my Money and after that, to gain my Balance !
Steve Walker
Jul 27 2011 at 15:51
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MFallico posted:
    Don't trade with EA's they will blow your account away!

there are good ones and bad ones. ıt depends how user makes the choice.
there are some parameters
- user expectations from FX
- EA
- Broker
- Money Management
- Disicipline
- Latency(VPS)
and luck


Maurizio Fallico (MFallico)
Aug 02 2011 at 13:44
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EA's are trash!


Or sometimes they will stop good Performance!

It is only a matter of time that they will blow your account away and all the people that think EA's are an alternative to trade profitable are beginners!

Trade like the Pros!

Have discipline like a MAN !
And stick to your Trading Rules otherwise
stop trading in this buisness and watch some soap !

My Goal is to protect my Money and after that, to gain my Balance !
Gary Sharp myfxpt com
Aug 07 2011 at 05:22
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Could not agree more with MFallico...stay away from automated trading EA robots. They do not, and never will, have the capacity to replace human intuition. The only good EA is one that assists with lot size and stop-loss calculation, and manages each trade after you enter the trade manually.

If you REALLY want to learn to trade, start with trading psychology (Trading In The Zone by Mark Douglas), and learn about money management and in particular, the ability of money management to ensure discipline. Once you have these subjects in the bag, then take a look at market analysis.

It is a old adage that a good strategy without discipline and money management will likely fail, whilst a poor strategy combined with discipline and good money management will win.

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