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Winsor's Five Trading EAs in Real Time
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Miembro desde Jun 23, 2010  303 mensajes CTSForex (winsor) Jul 08 2010 at 14:29 (editado a las Jul 08 2010 at 14:36 )
Hello friends,

As promised, attached is the installation software that will allow you to view my 5 trading expert advisors on your computer. Note that all 5 accounts started with $10,000. The installation process should take about 30 seconds if you follow the instructions of the read me file. Here are the first two steps:

1) Download the zip file onto your desktop
2) Unzip the file and follow the README text file

Look for the 'CTSForex_dot_COM' zip file below in the attachment. Let me know if you have any problems.



Miembro desde Jun 23, 2010  303 mensajes CTSForex (winsor) Jul 09 2010 at 19:30
Have you downloaded our software to view our 5 trading accounts in real time? Here is what you have missed so far:

Currently, Jasmine has 6 open trades: 3 buy and 3 sell. Some may argue that we are neutral but further investigation will prove other wise.

On July 7, two buy trades were entered at 8 pips a part. Our subsystem B7 entered at price point 1.25684 with a stop loss of 100 pips and a take profit of 240 pips. Our subsystem B8 entered the buy trade 8 pips lower with similar stop loss and take profit. On July 8, two sell trades were entered at an identical entry point however, the two subsystems used a different stop loss and take profit. The subsystem B1 sold at 1.26506 and used stop loss of 80 pips with take profit of 260 pips. Our other subsystem used stop loss of 100 pips and take profit of 240 pips.

On July 8 at 20:00, our subsystem B4 entered another sell trade at 1.26709 with a stop loss of 100 pips and a take profit of 220 pips.

On July 9 at 18:00, our subsystem B6 entered a buy trade at 1.26398 with a stop loss of 100 pips and a take profit of 240 pips.

Jasmine has reached the maximum of 6 open trades with 3 buy and 3 sell. As for the profitability, 5 open trades are totaling 197 pips and one buy trade with a minor loss of 3 pips.

If you have missed out on downloading our viewing software, you can do it now.

Our installation only takes 30 seconds, and it has been scanned by Norton 360. You should trade with us and profit with us.



Miembro desde Jun 23, 2010  303 mensajes CTSForex (winsor) Jul 13 2010 at 00:28
Below are the current trades of Haley: one trade was entered at 13:00, two trades were entered at 15:00 and the last trade entered at 19:06. For all of our expert advisors, all the trades are opened at the beginning of the hour. The last trade was 6 minutes delay either due to broker re-quote or violence market movement. At, we have developed an algorithm where we will resubmit our order at the most advantageous price. We will randomly wait and then continue to resubmit our order until it is accepted by the broker. Our wait periods and retry patterns are model after a typical manual trader.

MIGBank has been testing Market and Instant execution on their platform. As of July 19, 2010 the average execution time of both market and instant execution will be 100 ms with no dealer intervention and no-requotes. If you are following our expert advisors, please note that we will be switching to instant execution chart denoted by EURUSD!, GPBUSD!, USDCHF!

Market execution – EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF (stop loss and take profit can be placing simultaneous with the market order)

Instant execution – EURUSD!, GBPUSD!, USDCHF! (stop loss and take profit are placed after the order.)


Miembro desde Jun 23, 2010  303 mensajes CTSForex (winsor) Jul 13 2010 at 22:25
I hope that everyone is watching Jasmine Managed Forex Account System as it had a phenomenon day on July 13, 2010. Two EURUSD buy trades went in at 10:00 at 1.2534 and currently the price is at 1.2726. There are 191 pips and the total pips gain is 382 pips for the combine of subsystems 7 & 8. At 13:00 two more EURUSD buy trades went in at 1.2575 for the combine total profit of 300 pips for subsystems 3 & 6.

Notice at 16:00 subsystem 1 and subsystem 4 also entered the EURUSD buy trades at 16:00; however, the price difference is as much as 6 pips. Because CTSForex trading systems are based on swing trading style, the stop loss and take profit moved accordingly. Fantastic day as I woke up this morning with more than +800 pips floating. The nicest thing is that I had my expert advisors taking care of business while I had a relaxing 8 hour sleep. lol



Miembro desde Jun 23, 2010  303 mensajes CTSForex (winsor) Jul 15 2010 at 05:01
Haley’s subsystems 1 & 5 continue to hold their GBPUSD buy positions since July 13 at price 1.5106. The total floating profit of the two trades is over 300 pips. Most manual traders would exit; however, our automated forex trading system is extremely discipline.

It would only exit a trade based on 4 conditions:
1) The stop loss is hit.
2) The take profit is achieved.
3) The moment has subsided and the trade is exited prior hitting the stop loss or take profit.
4) The market condition has reversed. The current trade is close and a reverse trade is opened.

Only July 15 at 04:00, subsystems 2 & 3 have opened up to two sell trades at 1.5242 and 1.5240 respectively. Since May 21, 2010, Haley has achieved over 1,800 pips.

If you have not installed our live viewing software, you are missing out on all the profits.


Miembro desde Jun 23, 2010  303 mensajes CTSForex (winsor) Jul 16 2010 at 01:47
On July 15, 2010, at 16:00 Haley was stopped out on 3 consecutive sell trades. Two GBPUSD sell trades were opened on July 15 at 04:00 and one sell trade opened at 09:00 on the same day. Our stop losses for the three sell trades were 100 pips, 102 pips and 120 pips. We lose 322 pips within a span of 4 hours because the GBPUSD rocketed up for 220 pips. Do you see why it is necessary to trade with a stop loss? Without the stop losses, our three trades would have caused us a loss of 660 pips.

On the bright side, we just made a string of winning trades: 260 pips, 169 pips, 136 pips, 136 pips, 200 pips for a total of 901 pips. Giving back 322 pips, we are still up 580 pips for the last three days. Since May 21, 2010, Haley has been up 1,889 pips.

The take away from this lesson is never entering a trade without a stop loss.


Miembro desde Jun 23, 2010  303 mensajes CTSForex (winsor) Jul 18 2010 at 03:56
On July 16 at 10:00, Jasmine’s subsystem 1 entered a EURUSD sell trade at 1.29406 with a stop loss of 80 pips and a take profit of 260 pips. The previous ten days high of the EURUSD is 1.3006. Within the same day at 19:00, subsystems 3 and 4 also entered their sell trade at 1.29153 and 1.29168 respectively. Subsystem 3 uses a stop loss of 100 pips and a take profit of 240 pips while the subsystem 4 uses a stop loss of 100 pips and a take profit of 220 pips. Since May 21, 2010 to July 16, 2010, Jasmine has gained a total of 3,000 pips in less than 2 months. If you are trading this system live, you should expect a drawdown soon. It is unlikely that Jasmine will continue its rampage forever. It is always best to enter a system when it is going through a period of drawdown not when it is winning.

True experience: when I first started forex trading, I used to think that I am cursed. Every wining system that was doing well, I would cause it to fail whenever I became a subscriber. After developing automated trading system for the past 5 years, it makes sense now. When a system is winning, everyone would jump on board and the words would get around. By the time that I heard about a winning system and subscribed to it, its wining streak was over, and I was left holding the bag. All trading systems will go through a period of drawdown regardless of its algorithm. The law of nature dictates that risk and reward go hand-in-hand; hence, it is impossible harvesting all the rewards without the risk.

Entering a trading system when it is losing is rather counterintuitive. If you don’t believe me, give it another two months as you continue to follow Jasmine.

Click on the attachment below to see the screen capture of the trades.


Miembro desde Jun 23, 2010  303 mensajes CTSForex (winsor) Jul 20 2010 at 02:16
Update for July 19, 2010.
Haley continues to hold its sell trade on Friday, July 16 at 18:00. This trade was opened by subsystem 1 and is currently in profit of 52 pips. Today, subsystem 5 and subsystem 8 also open two more sell trades of the GBPUSD at 17:00 and 19:00. An interesting development occurred at 22:00, subsystem 2 has entered a buy trade at 1.52345 with a stop loss of 100 pips and a take profit of 260 pips. As it stands, 3 subsystems believe that it is a down trend for the Pounds; whereas, subsystem 2 thinks that it is an uptrend for the Pounds. Stay tune to see what happened next.


Miembro desde Jun 23, 2010  303 mensajes CTSForex (winsor) Jul 21 2010 at 04:32
The British pound vacillated 151 pips today with a roller coaster ride down and then up. Haley’s subsystem 1 finally closed its sell trade with a profit of 20 pips. As for subsystems 5 and 8, both sell trades got stopped out with 80 pips each. Our subsystem 3 was a casualty of this strong moment where it entered the buy trade on July 20 at 07:00 and got stopped out at 100 pips. Our subsystem 2 was correct in guessing the uptrend.

Presently, we have 5 subsystems with all buy trades and a floating profit of 100 pips. Forex trading is a marathon that should be counted in years not days or months. Since May 21, Haley has gained 1,588 pips. We are going to come out on top at the end of the year because our maximum stop loss is 120 pips and our maximum take profit is 280 pips. We are only expecting 45% wining percentage to be profitable.


Miembro desde Apr 25, 2010  82 mensajes fxgym (cun111) Jul 21 2010 at 05:10


Is it possible for me to have your eas at the moment?



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