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Best forex broker for scalping and zero spread?

Jul 17 at 04:19
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Hi I’m new to trading, and want to know which forex broker is best for scalping and zero spread??

Jul 18 at 13:57
posts 378
You can create knowledge about brokers by searching online. For example, there are many other sites like Google, youtube, etc. You can use the demo platform of that broker by creating knowledge from here.

Suradi (FXOday)
Jul 18 at 23:37
posts 170
I use FXOpen broker for scalping robot, the company regulated on ASIC< FCA and Cysec, offer low spread mainly on the USD pairs
instant execution very fast no delay, good for scalping in my experience use robot scalping.

Jul 19 at 13:29
posts 6
try different brokers
i have accounts in 6 brokers with vps
everywhere the order opens different

so choose 2-3 brokers at least

Jul 19 at 14:04
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'I'm searching for a new broker for scalping since my previous broker spreads were not that good, and there was spread widening issues.

Any good recommendations on reliable brokers with good spreads and minimum slippage?'

Jul 20 at 13:50
posts 30
I currently scalp with FP Markets, an ECN broker with spreads starting at 0.0pips, and the spreads are also consistent for most parts of the trade.

I recommend trading with FP Markets because of its reliability, and they are one of the oldest brokers to be active since 2005.

Albert Zieba (Master_Z)
Jul 21 at 20:02
posts 7
Another topic related to scalping... You need to look not only for spreads, but also for execution speed. I don't think you can find the best result for you on the forums. Create a list of the most reliable brokers for you, preferably with a long history, and test each one until you find an option that suits you. The time spent will pay off when your trading is profitable.

Jul 22 at 00:50
posts 682
There are many types of brokers in the Forex market. You can get an idea of those brokers through online research. Before choosing any broker I need to have a clear idea about the broker.

Jul 22 at 12:39
posts 31
I'm a scalper trading with a good low spread broker FP Markets. The spreads began at 0.0 pips for most parts of the day, and the execution speed is pretty quick with lower commission costs.

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
Jul 22 at 12:47
posts 238
will scalping work with zero spread?

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