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Can forex trading make you rich ?

Suradi (FXOday)
Mar 21 at 23:03
posts 362
Forex can make rich if trader already has good skill trading, this will become additional income if they treat forex as a part-time job, maybe trading is the greatest business because has flexible time, some professional traders maybe they treat forex as full time, but for investor they treat fore as one portfolio investment, because besides profitable also forex is depends on trader itself.
Mar 22 at 12:45
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I started with $1.000 on DEMO account few days ago, March 18th 2022. Today it's March 22th (there was also 2 days weekend between 18th and 22th) and I have already over $3.000 in this demo account.
Check also my stats, how many profits and losses did I close. ;)

So what do you think? ;)
Mar 22 at 13:01
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greenbackFX posted:
And it depends largely on your account balance and discipline.
I don’t think account balance is an issue here! When you have a good trading skill, then your tiny trading balance would be enough here! Of course, a healthy balance is a plus point, but again your trading skill if your main capital here!
Mar 22 at 16:18
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Definitely yes. Do not underestimate this option of earning, because it can bring not the best results.
Mar 23 at 09:52
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tranle447 posted:
That is a very interesting question .
Yes it can, of course. But a lot of people come into trading thinking that they will become rich fast.
Mar 23 at 13:02
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PeteLanceley posted:
tranle447 posted:
That is a very interesting question .
Yes it can, of course. But a lot of people come into trading thinking that they will become rich fast.

Theoretically yes. Market volatility also/even on shortest time frames gives A LOT of pips every day. Theoretically it's possible to make thousands trades each day, which if all would be in profit, would just constantly keep increasing the equity and with proper growing lotsize it would be probably easy to grow equity at least for 100 times every day.

So this question should rather be, can you (we) become rich with forex? Because forex can you make you rich, if you would trade constantly 100% profitable. But in reality it's you (we, each of us) who are just not able to do that in practice. :D

There is also another problem, as we know, for every dollar on the winning side, there has to be a losing dollar on the other side as well. So if someone really becomes rich, that money has to come from those who lost that money and that's usually higher number of people with smaller deposits, to equal each one who becomes rich.
Mar 24 at 07:39
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Yes, that is a possibility! But you need to also have good skills. Also, consistency matters, irrespective of whatever you do.
Mar 24 at 07:59
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PeteLanceley posted:
tranle447 posted:
That is a very interesting question .
Yes it can, of course. But a lot of people come into trading thinking that they will become rich fast.

Thats the key isnt it, most want it today and want the success of trading masters of 10years in a matter of hours lol
Mar 24 at 09:35
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Making money in forex trading depends on the trading skills and psychology a trader has. Traders need to work hard and learn about forex trading which comes with time and experience.
Forex trading does not make every trader rich. There are many traders who quit due to the lack of proper knowledge.
Mar 24 at 11:05
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Forex trading is very unlikely to make 'you' rich, 90% of traders lose money. But a very very small amount can make significant $$$
Suradi (FXOday)
Mar 24 at 23:35
posts 362
All businesses maybe can make rich, included in forex trading business, but how to become rich from forex trading is not simple, this is need to learn and hard work, forex trading is not getting quick rich at a short time or overnight, forex is risky business, in trading profit and loss always occurs, success in demo account does not guarantee success later in real account.
Apr 25 at 10:39
posts 44
Yes, there are many traders who have built wealth with forex trading. But whether you can or not is up to you. Becoming a successful trader is a long path. Often people focus only on the goals, not on the efforts that are required to achieve those goals. If you are ready to put into the work consistently, then forex trading can turn out to be a very rewarding path for you.
Apr 25 at 10:42
posts 72
Yes, there is a possibility. But there are a lot of factors to consider, starting with your trading skills.
Apr 25 at 16:39
posts 9
You can get rich from forex but more than likely you will become poor and lose all your funds. The choice is yours
Suradi (FXOday)
Apr 25 at 23:39
posts 362
Forex included high-risk high returns, today profit can't guarantee will get the same result for tomorrow, in fact, there are successful traders able to make huge money from forex trading, all depending on skills, if skills are still below average, don't spend big money in forex maybe only waste money.
Apr 26 at 01:49
posts 176
Yes, definitely it can but always remember forex is a risky business and you never can be a successful trader if you have no proper skills and only comes for making money fast.
Apr 27 at 04:07
posts 31
Yes, forex may make you rich as far as you make profits and know-how to bear your losses.
Apr 27 at 04:21
posts 138

Proper money management can make you rich in trading. Forex money management is a set of processes that a forex trader will use to manage the money in their forex trading account. Traders should keep their attempt running to develop themselves every moment. A cogent effort should be given to turn every day a profitable day and traders who are perseverant can only do that.
Apr 28 at 11:25
posts 41
Yes, you can make a living from forex trading. Earning well from forex totally depends upon your trading style and the strategies you use. One needs to be consistent with good skills.
Apr 29 at 09:37
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That's the best part about Forex trading, it can make you extremely wealthy in 4-5 years or less, and it can also make you bankrupt in less than 24 hours. I believe that people who have the attitude of getting wealthy will never do so, but those who accept that they will most likely not do so and strive for a consistent return, even if it is only a few percent per year, will succeed in profitability and have a chance of being wealthy.
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