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Can you use other platforms besides metatrader 4 when dealing with Axitrader?

Jodie (03maree03)
Dec 23 2013 at 20:49
posts 14
Hi, just wondering if anyone knows if brokers are flexible with which platform you use or if you have to stick to the one they promote on their website? Just looking at Spotwares ctrader and would like to give it a go, but not sure if I then have to use a different broker? As well, does it matter which country you're from as to which platforms you can use? Sorry for all the newbie questions. Am loving this site too I might add! Some great info (both promotional and cautionary) around.
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Dec 23 2013 at 21:10
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Best bet would be to ask the broker :)
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Jodie (03maree03)
Dec 24 2013 at 09:53
posts 14
Thanks, I thought that after I posted lol.
Allow yourself to be a beginner, no-one starts off an expert.
Adrian Matusiak (adrian8891)
Dec 26 2013 at 12:44
posts 696
Metatraders is so blessed for brokers, because same company offers little , tricky plug-in for Metatrader : check this video // this is secret that broker won't tell You.
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Jodie (03maree03)
Dec 27 2013 at 12:23
posts 14
So which platform are you using Adrian? Thanks very much for your help. I really appreciate everyone speaking up with what they know so we can all make the best decision. I just want to trade legally with a platform that also performs legally.
Allow yourself to be a beginner, no-one starts off an expert.
Jan 19 2014 at 08:47
posts 47
Jodie, Adrian, for Axitrader, you would most likely be using MT4 unless you have a deposit of 25k and above. Then you can opt to trade with PowerTrader.

Part of the reason why they don't offer powertrader to smaller accounts is because most of the use features like VWAP pricing only comes into play when you have a large account.

For example, you might want to buy 50 lots EURUSD at 1.30001, but there is only 30 lots available. In this case, VWAP feature will show you the best price for the amount of volume you want to buy. i.e. 1.30002
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