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Are followed autotrade Systems showing you the true ????

May 06 2015 at 06:15
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Hi guys, I decided to try an autotrade system following-copying an another system.

Althougth the two systems ( my named autotrade and the AMBUSH CAPITAL ) should have the same results it seems that they have significant differences in damages or profits.

Example :

Today trade my account :

OPEN 05.06.2015 00:33 CLOSE 05.06.2015 03:19 AUDUSD Sell 0.09 LOTS
PIPS -36.2 2h 45m
GAIN -0.69%

Same trade presented in ambush capital seems still to be open and of course near on profitable.

I have seen this differences many days now. Result losses in my account, profit in Ambush capital. I dont have margin calls or lot limits explaining. The original orders have SL from Ambush capital which was not executed in their case but in my case as planned.

Is all this thing a matter of fraud or have the systems a problem not following exactly the cases ?

Of course myfxbook support question is still waiting....
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