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Forex is not scam

Mar 30 at 17:35
posts 28
It's not, It's not! It's just significantly harder than stocks and general investment schemes. A lot of people who call it a sham are just hateful. I've been there too... I lost! First $400 and then about $600. 
But I went in a third time after a break to play a conservative hand. though, I put in just $200 but managed to turn it into a sweet 450. Didn't quite make up for the initial loss but it was still an important moment for me. It takes hard work, no doubt, and constant monitoring of the charts, right use of both kinds of indicators and all the works but you can make it, if you're persistent and intelligent about it.

Reece Rispoli (reece22)
Apr 01 at 09:40
posts 54
its not a scam at all i make enough to live on easily lol

yana hansen (78678676)
Apr 01 at 11:12
posts 137
reece22 posted:
its not a scam at all i make enough to live on easily lol

Keep it up :)

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
Apr 01 at 11:35
posts 238
no it is not a scam until and unless ur trading with a trusted broker.

Apr 06 at 09:06
posts 65
I would not classify forex as a scam. Although there are unscrupulous brokers, but I was lucky to work with Amarkets, which has been on the market for 13 years and has a reliable and safe reputation.

Apr 07 at 07:19
posts 624
Forex is not a cam , so we the traders always take Forex as a money making place , at the end of the day become loser and blame Forex

Apr 07 at 09:55
posts 9
Something like 90% of traders lose money. If Forex is not a scam then it is quite close to it

Apr 13 at 10:14
posts 12
Forex is not at all a scam. And it is a legitimate market where hundreds of people trade currency pairs every day.

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