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Jan 14 at 07:26
84 mensajes
Part time can help you to get better in time to understand how forex trading works

Jan 14 at 10:19
131 mensajes
SofieAndreasen posted:
illscarce874 posted:
Yes, it requires a lot of attention and time. Part time is okay but to make some amazing profits and become a successful trader, one has to put in some quality time.

True. But some trading strategies like scalping require less time to analysis and execute the trade.

I think scalping is actually a good strategy to earn profits.

Jan 14 at 11:56
17 mensajes
I do trading part time, would love it to be my main source of income but I’m not sure if I’ll get to that stage.

Jan 14 at 12:39
23 mensajes
EbonyJones posted:
Most people do forex trading as their part time source. Though it is part time, you have to give time t make profit from this market.

Agree, you need to put time and effort in. Its not a get rich quick scheme

Feb 08 at 10:40
23 mensajes
Some traders even consider it as a full time job and trade all the time.

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