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Jan 27 at 12:28
272 mensajes
Demo is just to know how the system works and test your strategy. It is good if you know the winning ratio of your strategy by trading on demo. But usually most people use demo to see how much many they can make. They do not focus on creating a strategy. When you trade with real money, there works a fear of losing money. You become too much conscious about your decision. In demo you don't affected by any emotions like fear, greed and overwhelming joy.

Jan 27 at 12:50
285 mensajes
Demo helps to develop trading skills. It is very difficult to make money from trading if skills are not developed properly. So all types of analysis should be practiced by demo trading.

Jan 27 at 16:31
259 mensajes
It is a risk-free account designed to practice trading without losing any money. It is best way to start trading.

Jan 30 at 15:02
69 mensajes
It helps to know about the trading platform, how to execute a trade and helps in identifying the risks.

Jan 31 at 12:50
291 mensajes
Demo Trading is one of the means of developing skills. Through which it is possible to develop skills by trading.

Jan 31 at 17:38
280 mensajes
Demo account is designed for educational purpose. But demo traders lack emotion in trading which can be a problem later.

Feb 01 at 14:29
15 mensajes
The primary purpose for demo trading is for beginners to learn the basics of forex and understand the platforms software and features.

Some experienced broker prefer using the demo account to build their skills and try out a new strategy before using it in live trades.

Feb 02 at 02:45
285 mensajes
Demo trading is the best field of education from which to gain real experience. As a trader, I always ask new traders to do demo trading.

Feb 02 at 06:42
102 mensajes
Demo trading is a great way for beginners, or I should say even for experienced traders, to test their strategies without the risk and fear of losing any money. Newbies in trading should always start with demo trading, and not live trading, do demo practice first and then gradually start live with little amounts.

Feb 02 at 11:13
40 mensajes
It is like a flight simulator for real pilots. Here demo trading simulates what exactly happens over the forex market. Forex trading is not a toy. For this reason, demo trading is provided as this will help new traders to test the platform and take hands on experience of the real market with virtual money.

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