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Osiris (kebayamwamba)
Feb 01 2011 at 13:30
posts 116
Is it me or is it that the number of scams are increasing exponentially every day. The weird thing is they are getting more and more ingenious every day. Nowdays sniffing off the real from the fake is getting harder and harder.
can the pursuit of wealth be automated?
Feb 03 2011 at 03:45
posts 230
I know what you mean. In this game, just consider it fake until proven otherwise. This site alone has been an eye opener into what people are prepared to do in order to gain financially.
Andrew Richard (Andrea908)
Nov 27 2014 at 15:16
posts 5
I think this market is flooded scam brokers, ibs, affiliates and SIGNAL providers being the worst.
Nov 27 2014 at 18:06
posts 385
Soaking in a whole lot of knowledge from forums (normally victims) has helped me a lot. There are a whole bunch of 'clever' scams out there, and I must say if I didn't learn from others' mistakes I would have fallen in a few traps myself. What Patience says is true, one must consider everything fake until proven otherwise.
Nov 28 2014 at 05:51
posts 69
Want to avoid scams ? Don't shell out any money.

If you can't follow this simple rule, YDI. :)
The market will go up, failing which, it will go down.
10 Star Signals
Nov 29 2014 at 11:56
posts 1
Avoiding scams are tuff. For instance some guys were teaching me how to hap hazardly get 10 percent a month. Then I ran into some guys who do that in hours, with a much higher degree of certainty. Am I to say the first guys were scaming me? This is a huge problem in forex where systems dont work as much as they clam.
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