Tom J. Donovan or TJdonovan - Trend Reversal Algorithmic System for Maximum Ri

Nov 18, 2015 at 14:55
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Nov 18, 2015 at 14:55 (editado Nov 17, 2015 at 15:00)
Hi guys,

unfortunately you must change your mind about this “honorable” person..

Now I must open an own thread, because he blocks everybody, which is telling the world about his scamming.

He still tries to be faster in deleting my posts, than I can add a new one…

He is just a bad scammer and only want to cheat you by selling his rubbish old earlier bought or stolen EA’s which he renames under his own “development”.
My friend is also blocked now by Tom, because he was writing in Toms thread about my story.

I didn’t complain before, but was blocked directly after i bought the EA from Tom.
I bought in the very first days his EA for $500, which Tom Donovan names as an own development!

But it is some stolen romanian or whatever script “RS EA v1 or V2” EA, which doesn't work and never will bring his early shown amazing profits.
For a little bit like that, I have bought it
I made later for all major pairs 99,9% modelling back tests and no pair make profit in the long term.

If you run it without manually assist, you only will be flat or get a loss over longer time period with always much open positions.
Tom has currently 33% open loss positions:
And he directly closes trades manually, if they could go worse.

As I tested 10 pairs simultaneous my account crashed totally after the FOMC before 10 days:
It was running for 6 weeks:

I don't complain about that, because i made a 'hard core' test, but it showed very impressive, how unstable this EA is.
I asked friendly for support, but didn't got any useful help.

“I should have stopped trading after this earlier nice profit…” was the professional advice from Tom.
Unfortunately I didn’t know before, that the account will crash in a short time.

Probably Tom already knew about that… ?..

These are back tests with 99,9% modeling quality with his preferred pairs:

EU 1 year, only long (as he advised suddenly…) very interesting…

And this is his EURNZD, which you also prefer and made these tremendous profit in the first days which extra
huge lot sizes:

So this honorable Mr. Donovan just want to sell you his scrappy EA for too much money.., $700 should be the current price now.

As I heard now, we are not alone, here are already other victims:,15#?pt=2&p=15&ts=148&o=897614

So be very careful with him!
It is only scam after this serious mask..

Here are his threads and proposed systems:,3,6,1
Miembro desde Mar 18, 2014   posts 117
Dec 04, 2015 at 10:59
Miembro desde Dec 04, 2010   posts 1557
Dec 04, 2015 at 11:37
Yep he's a confirmed scammer, I knew this when I was blocked in his thread without even commenting in it. Sad to hear of your loss I wonder how many others are being fooled by this pirated system. I suggest contacting Admin (Ethan), and seeing if his dodgy systems can be taken off myfxbook, before more victims are created.
Miembro desde Jul 16, 2013   posts 385
Dec 04, 2015 at 14:41
I wonder what he will change 'Tom's EA' to, should he want to sell that as his own.
Very sorry to hear of your loss @upandgo .
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