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In trading consistency is important

Mar 17 at 09:55
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Anoxiare posted:
leecopp posted:
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LeviSievwright5 posted:
Consistent profit is very important. If you are included in the loss/profit, you will never be able to make more profit from trading, so you must first create a consistent profit strategy.

And how do you actually make profit? That’s consistency of action and then through self-analysis. So, my point here is, maintain good record keeping or a trading journal.

Not all trading opportunities are the same. So how do you justify executing the same rules when the same setup comes up?

Keep the stop-loss placement the same. Like, if you see it above the previous highs for the shorts, use the objective approach to determine the price. Apart from this, the exit reasons should also be consistent.

Most important of all, the best time to decide on these factors is much before you start live trading. All these pointers should be addressed in the demo account. That’s why they are designed after all. Be consistent with your approach and see the result. I remember spending some 7-8 months practicing on the MT4 platform of the demo accounts with XM and turnkeyforex. That kind of set a good base for me.

Apr 03 at 09:56
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Yes, it is also very difficult to achieve that level of consistency when it comes to profits in forex.

Apr 03 at 13:23
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Separately, it is worth highlighting the psychological moment of trading, as well as controlling emotions. Trading does not tolerate hasty decisions and deals on emotions.

Apr 03 at 13:41
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Yes for successful trading consistency is the key. Some random winning trades do not help in success. Achieving consistency is the key in trading.

Apr 04 at 12:06
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Consistency is the key to increasing income. However, is not easy in forex trading. Trader need a good profitable trading strategy to do that. Moreover, market is changing every day. So, adjust trading plan according to that.

Apr 07 at 10:33
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not only trading life but also real life consistency is the main challenge but its really difficult to maintain this good habit, need a long time focus with a great level of patience.

Apr 08 at 09:26
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Consistency is the key to success in forex trading. With proper discipline you can achieve it.

Apr 08 at 11:20
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Yes, you are right and consistency can also act as a reflection of success of a trader.

Apr 16 at 13:20
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It is the consistency that brings success. Almost all the traders can make random profitable trades. But the real challenge is being consistent. It requires study and research.

Apr 16 at 16:13
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It is very important to maintain consistency in trading. If I make a profit of 10 pips and lose 20 pips, it is not possible to proceed from trading. So I have to work with patience by creating a positive trade setup.

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