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trading rank

TigerBloodFX (tigerbloodfx)
May 04 2011 at 17:58
posts 7
We are new to myfxbook so sorry i this is a silly question but is there a ranking page here for traders and systems?

just thought it would be a good way of seeing which traders and systems are working well

any idea let meknow


May 06 2011 at 13:48
posts 735
Click on 'Systems' above - you get a toplist and lots of search options.

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Gary Sharp myfxpt com
Sep 06 2011 at 00:44
posts 345
But 'Systems' only applies to EA systems...manual traders are not considered!

Gary Sharp myfxpt com
Sep 06 2011 at 00:48
posts 345
Corretion: 'Strategies only apply to EAs'...please correct me if I am wrong again!!!!

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