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20 trades to become millionare - is it possible?

Dec 10 2019 at 20:04
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Yes, that's possibly. However, it requires a lot of analysis and high leverage. Look and Black Wednesday, when Soros earned $1.5 billions in some days. So you can earn a lot of money, but only if you have a great analyzis and broker that will provide you with high multiplier.

Karlos Fandango (Smith2525)
Dec 11 2019 at 00:11
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In theory sounds great, in practice maybe not so easy!! I wish you the best of luck though

Dec 11 2019 at 05:15
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try it for 100 times with small account then give up if would need 1-2 good trades a week.or to be really safe wait for high impact interest rate decisions ;and non farm payrolls to trade.using pending orders.most people would cash out before million in fear of losing all. soros gambled ;he says so in his own words.he was actually in quite a debt at one stage but was sure of direction and stood firm.the only time i saw a sure long term move like that was when the swiss chf black swan happened.i knew the price would retrace weeks and months after.i was busy with other trading and regret chasing it hard.its like waiting for stock market to crash then going a buying frenzy.always wins.

Dec 15 2019 at 17:27
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I don't think so. If you have great innitial capital, than you can become millionaire in 20 trades. But if you don't have hundred thousands dolars, that you should be true genius to make a millions so fast :)

Dec 16 2019 at 12:13
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Totally possibly and doing in now for the third time

Malokelv (Malokelv)
Dec 17 2019 at 18:20
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I think it's possible that anything is possible these days. Despite the market dynamics, there are strategies that can catch its changes as accurately as possible, the main thing is to adhere to all the rules and not to increase the risks when it is unjustified. When such huge profits occur, it can be connected with a successful situation in the market, when it gives new opportunities. Last but not least, it is the availability of strong capital, as well as the ability to find the assets that currently provide the best prospects. And if all this has converged in one moment, we see an exciting success story that delights and proves that everything is possible.

Dec 18 2019 at 11:31
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It is technically possible but the odds of getting 20 trades right in a row when you use a large enough lot size to make you a millionaire is tiny. Don't bother trying

Dec 27 2019 at 20:06
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I have an an easy solution for you guys: deposit $2M and then do your 20 losing trades all the way down to $1M. You can even buy an expensive holy grail martin EA for that, live it overnight, go to bed and... in the morning you are a 1-millionaire... 😂

every beautiful garden has a strong hedge around
Jan 02 2020 at 05:05
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While some comments are negative I can understand the thought process behind them but while I have have achieved this in the last 3 weeks of December I am about to do it again in the first 2 weeks of Jan.

However I really wanted to highlight a different aspect to this question, it not about can you get 20 trades in a row it is more discipline. Look for one quality, high probability trade per day, have a plan in place with your risk appetite accounted for. For me to achieve my goal I only require 20 pips a day for month but for the next two weeks I want 100 pips a day and with the assets I trade that is easy I can have those 100 pips within 5 mins or it could take me hours to get there but once I have 50% of my daily target I take a break even position then at 75% I take a 40% profit then if my 100 pips it at a key level I take my profit and enjoy my day. If the 100 pips shows more momentum I will let it run and jump my SL and everything above the 100 is a bonus.

But honestly it is not about number of trades it is the quality and the discipline.

vontogr (togr)
Jan 03 2020 at 09:40
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DarkForex posted:

Thinking about an idea. If we trade on a broker that has leverage 500:1 and we have 20 consecutive trades with lets say 50 pips profit, can we double lot on each trade?

SL would be 20 pips. So first trade 0.01 lot 5$, 0.02 lot, 10$, if 0.04 lot is loss then -8$, but then we start with 0.02 lot again.

On 20th step, we would be on around 3 mil $ or something like that.

Would that be possible?

It is a nonsense.
A. With 20 pips SL adn 50 pips TP, SL will be hit way often than TP
B. 20th position size would be 10 485 lots. Maximum trade size of broker with 1:500 leverage is about 100 lots.
C. Doubling trade size is called martingale - it always lead to a loss

You should better try that strategy in casino.

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