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Sep 16 2013 at 10:55
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Hello, I want to make a reflection of a bad experience that happened to me personally during my career as a trader. I cannot claim to be a professionist, but it is a few years old that hangs out on forex, so I could not even call myself a novice. Let's say I have a good knowledge of the field, but this does not make me a person who never makes a mistake, indeed. Just about this i want to speak to you, first of all I wanted to warn you of foreign brokers, as most of them communicate in English, and many are not even native speakers, then between the our and their broken English and I do not know how to define it is sometimes easy to run into errors. For example, it happened that at the time of registration of a broker has incorrectly inserted my bank account. I'm not going to tell the problems I had, they almost called the finance, and among other things I was having to get my money, the fact is that it was difficult to communicate with them and then it was a mess. So be very careful and always check well what brokers offer you.

Sep 16 2013 at 12:57
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well, if need good English-speaking broker choose one from UK, Australia or USA. It is just a matter of attentiveness.

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