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The dark side of forex markets

Jul 24 at 08:48
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Meloisel posted:
Each business has its pros and cons, just if you correctly understand and learn everything, then everything will work out.

Proper learning can help you to make a good plan.

Jul 24 at 11:43
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Forex trading is very difficult but money management and risk management help to make it easier. To be successful, these things need to be maintained.

Nov 16 at 08:57
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As for me, the darkest side of forex trading is that the very little amount of traders become successful here. Of course, some traders believe that it's very easy to become successful, you need just practicing and dedicate lots of time to this process, however they don't understand that it's not enough to be successful on a longer period. You can be successful for a month but then you can lose everything, nobody knows what will be going with you.
The darkest side is incertainty and it's very difficult to foresee what will be going with you within a year in trading.

Nov 16 at 10:45
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there is no one who can predict the real faction of this market with certainly even after having good knowledge and experience , most of the time no trend market actually follows, this is the dark side according to me.

Nov 16 at 14:17
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In fact, the whole dark side is that the market can bring not only profit, and many are not ready for this.

Nov 18 at 05:10
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Every business has its dark side. Forex is an international market, which can be traded 24 hours a day, five days a week. The main problem is the lack of unbiased information about forex markets. If you have a sound knowledge of the forex market, you have better prospects of earning money, and if you don't have that knowledge, then your income will depend on chance.

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