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Now that my Cube Strategy works...

Semper Augustus
Jan 11 2014 at 21:59
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Hello all,

I've been learning forex, developing EA's and later on cAlgo robots. And during developing and testing other robots, i learned that there is no such thing as an ever winning robot or holy grail.

But it was very educational and lead to my Cube strategy, existing of 4 basic strategies i encountered, using 4 indicators (two of them i developed myself) and using 4 timeframes Thus the name Cube.

It is almost impossible to make a robot out of this strategy, but the three most important tasks in trading are handled by semi-bots: scanning the market for opportunities, calculating SL, TP and volume, and opening the position. It has no intelligent trailing system or something like that, in stead the server closes the trade when SL or TP are met and so reducing slippage.

I aim to make one successful trade per day, 4 days a week (hopefully 5), 40 weeks a year. (That's why i compare my trading method with the work of a sniper.) Testing showed that each trade can easily make about 10 pips net profit (so spread and commission already calculated) and thus with a 5% risk about 5% profit per trade. Testing also showed that the number of losses is low.

This strategy would (on paper) double my balance over a period of 16 days, aprox 1 month. Now i must turn this model into reality and that really scares the shit out of me.

Why share this with total strangers: just for a little support now and than. In return i will gladly not only share my blunders but also share my strategy.
Alpha Dolcy
Jan 23 2014 at 07:50
posts 150
You should be able to make truck loads of money if you compound with the returns every month...........
Jan 24 2014 at 17:15
posts 45
If I have learned one thing in the 5 months I have been a trader, it is demo-test first!

That said, if you share your strategy you'll get support (and some bullsh1t, but just keep a shovel handy) and insights.

I did the same with my January strategy and got some valuable insights. Also, if you really do have a winner, I don't buy the myth that it stops working if everyone does it. For one thing in this business 'everyone' is an awful lot of people; for another if I go long and lots of other people do too, it should push prices higher, no? Which is what I want.

So share away and I'll kick this off with Unsolicited Advice #1: start small, keep records, and stop once a month and analyze your wins and losses.

Please comment on my soul-baring too!,1

"Press On" has solved and will always solve, the problems of the Human Race
Feb 04 2014 at 08:51
posts 39
It has no intelligent trailing system or something like that, in stead the server closes the trade when SL or TP are met and so reducing slippage.'

how does closing when ' SL or TP are met ' reduce slippage?
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