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How to create a EA that can open a long and short trade simultaneously?

Nov 09 2010 at 15:14
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How to create a EA that can open a long and short trade simultaneously?
kennyhubbard (compuforexpamm)
Nov 09 2010 at 16:44
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Just do has the same effect but is cheaper.
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Nov 10 2010 at 23:24
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Forex Rebel Martin (RebelMartin)
Nov 11 2010 at 03:33
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What is your logic to open Long and Short order ?

You can try use EA template to create simple logic EA.

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src=''/></a><a href='' target='_blank'><img src=''/></a>

Click on the picture will give you the link to EA creator template for FREE !
Nov 11 2010 at 06:21
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Jan 02 2011 at 16:14
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mrniceguy posted:
    How to create a EA that can open a long and short trade simultaneously?
First your broker have to support hedging. Here's a dumb simple ea code where is actually no logic built but you can see how the open buy and open sell are formulated:

//| mo_bidir_v0_1.mq4 |
//| |
//| - Works best in 5M timeframe |
//| - Bug fix to stop_loss in line 22 2010.04.07 |
#property copyright 'Copyright © 2010 - Monu Ogbe'
#define MAGIC 1234
#define IDENT 'mo_bidir_v0_1'
extern double lots = 1;
extern double stop_loss = 80; // (8 pips) optimise 50-2000
extern double take_profit = 750; // (75 pips) optimise 50-2000
int last_bar = 0;
 //**************below this line you see the op_buy & sell WARNING there is no trading logic in this so you have to make it
// **************othervise pure coin toss
int start(){
   if (last_bar == Bars) return(0);
   last_bar = Bars;
   if (OrdersTotal() == 0){
         OrderSend(Symbol(), OP_BUY, lots ,Ask, 3, Ask - stop_loss * Point, Bid + take_profit * Point, IDENT, MAGIC, 0, Blue);
         OrderSend(Symbol(), OP_SELL, lots ,Bid, 3, Bid + stop_loss * Point, Ask - take_profit * Point, IDENT, MAGIC, 0, Red);
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edward (dodgesparks)
Jan 17 2011 at 14:58
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actually, i dont know that i understand your issue as well as i might, but i will try to explain how complicated we could make things..

you could set up two separate metatrader computers and link them with serial null modem cables and then issue trade requests to both computers at the same time.

actually, one computer would get the request first and then the other computer would get the request to open a trade, but we are talking split seconds and the two computers would both be processing their individual trades at the same time.

are you perhaps trying to arbitrage two separate brokers?

maybe not.

or, you could just run two metatrader terminals on a single box and then control them using an external program or set of datafiles and just have each metatrader terminal read said files or device driver or whatever.

when you say simultaneously, i am assuming that you are talking about not wanting to place the first trade and then needing to wait for that trade to process before you can move on to placing the second trade.

assuming that this is your problem, either multiple boxes running separate metatraders.

also, i am assuming that if one has two separate computers side by side that are running the same trading account, does placing a trade on the first computer cause the second metatrader terminal to issue some kind of trade context busy error?


Jun 11 2011 at 20:11
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looks like viper got it covered
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