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Microsft Visual Express, C++Fix, and Oanda API

Aug 14 2010 at 10:35
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I've decided to abandon MT4. Just can't keep up.

So anybody here tried the combination above? Me thinks I'll be needing a lot of advice.....

Aladar Mezga (aladar)
Aug 14 2010 at 14:00
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May I ask main reasons for abandon MT4?

MT5 not interested? I assume MT5 doesn't suit your trading strategy.
I'm trying to stick with MT4 using DLL libraries. Despite of some limitations of MT4, I think MQL4 is still best value for me.

Oanda API is programming interface and it's not free you need to buy license to use it.

FIX is communication protocol which is secure way how would your trading application communicate with OANDA FIX server.

You can build the trading application using any programming language which most suits to you. Oanda supports JAVA, C++, C# or Visual Basic with .NET and you can use any free or paid compilers available from web.

Aug 14 2010 at 16:11
posts 941
I didn't look at MT5.

I'll just go with what the professionals use, like banks. They're all on C++ FIX. It's industry standard as far as I understand it. If I don't get into it now I'll have to do it later. This way I only have to do the work once.

MT just can't cope with my volume or trading style. I'll pay the O fee. They're about 1000 times more efficient than the ECN's at this point in time. To be comparable I'll have to find a ECN with minimum trade sizes of 0.00001 lots.

With Go markets at 0.01 lot on a standard account I need $10 000 000 to do what I can with Oanda on a 10k account. Then I still get the same profit.

Aladar Mezga (aladar)
Aug 18 2010 at 12:40
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Yes, it's definitely worth of looking if you can afford trade in volumes as banks or investment funds. I think most of us on this forum are just 'normal' people who explore possibilities what forex market offers these days. 😄

Anyway I found the pricing info on web:

OANDA charges an initial licensing fee of USD $600, which entitles the customer to two free months of access to one API library for testing and implementation. After these two months, a monthly fee applies. The monthly fee is USD $600, discounted by USD $50 for every USD $1M in monthly volume of currency traded from the account.

Oct 03 2010 at 12:37
posts 41
metatrader most definitely can keep up with your trading volume.

regarding the JUST CANT KEEP UP issue... cant keep up with what?

oh my.

the metatrader platform is simply wonderful.

it is perfection.

now, i have personally written code for the oanda api, i spent somewhere between six months to a year doing so.

that oanda api is so riddled with bugs that it aint even funny.

i do realize that mr grimfd seems to have a hair stuck up his backside over me, not that i really care or that it bothers me cuz it does not, but if he and his little team of programmers cant get mt4 to trade his strategy then he will not in a thousand years get it to happen using any version of the oanda api.

for starters, the oanda api has more connectivity issues than any reasonable person would ever want to deal with.

isnt that enuff?

but wait, there is more.

do you know that while i was using the oanda api that they emailed me and asked me to not query their servers more frequently than once every few minutes..

isnt oanda the one that goes on and on about high frequency trading?

isnt the oanda company headed up by two professors, one is a professor of computer science?

if i query my oanda api ten thousand times per second, it is the job of the api itself to NOT FLOOD THE OANDA SERVERS with ten thousand requests but instead it should have current prices/.etc pushed to it by the oanda servers irregardless of how many times i query it.

metatrader rocks.

i have never not one time had that thing so much as hiccup.

and regarding the issue of grimfd needing ten million dollars to trade metatrader like he can trade a 10k acct at oanda is complete nonsense.

personally, i almost want for him to get the oanda api, cuz if metatrader is his imaginary bottleneck then i know that he will fail big time if he uses the oanda api.

for the record, i am not new to programming, i have 27 years of coding experience under my belt.

the oanda api stinks like a skunk, it is riddled with bugs.


Nov 07 2010 at 10:03
posts 941
27 years hey? And you don't know where the bottleneck is? I'll give you a tip. Trade context.

O is about 30 times quicker than MT. On close out's more than 50.

As for the rest, you don't understand it, not my problem.

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