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Limitless EA (de Limitless )

Ganancia : +2195853.72M%
Disminución 0.78%
Pips: 46291.2
Transacciones 7471
Cualidad del modelo: 90.0%
Barras bajo prueba: 273497
Ticks Modelados: 37725103

Prueba previa Limitless EA

Discusión Limitless EA

Apr 19 2011 at 17:10
posts 97
At just a quick glance I smell backtest on the 1:1 ratio. I would be a bit more forthcoming but 18298781000%(approximated) per year is a bit unrealistic. When you start trading for real let me know.

Apr 19 2011 at 18:29
posts 17
Power of compounding. I will start live once I get enough capital.

Apr 21 2011 at 15:18
posts 20
Hey, Limitless, if your EA 1/3 this good in a LIVE trading senario, WOW. My hats off to you. Well done...
Personally, just borrow the money and go all in... Yes, I'm a perfectionist just like you but ,Life is short. what are y waiting for.
P.S. Can I try your EA for 60 days....


Apr 23 2011 at 02:10
posts 5
Hi Limitless,

Your EA results looks incredible, even if it just performs 1/3 as good in live senario as sixsigma said.

I am interested in buying your EA. If your EA is profitable $5000 is a small price to pay.
Im tired of those retail EAs that are sold for $100 and turn out to be crap. I guess you get what you pay for.

Please email me the details on how to purchase.

Apr 23 2011 at 02:22
posts 17
Sorry sixsigma, I cannot give give out free trails without some sort of deposit.

Albert, please check your email for payment details, I have already sold a copy yesterday, and 2 more people still negotiating price.
So if your interested, please be quick as I only plan to sell about 10 copies or so.


Apr 24 2011 at 09:48
posts 2
Can you share your strategy please ?


Apr 24 2011 at 11:55
posts 2
how about i sponser you with 50 50 split

Apr 24 2011 at 20:07
posts 5
Just an update,

After Limitless showed me a demo of the EA, I decided to purchased the EA and ran some test of my own using 99% tick data which should be more accurate then the 90% modeling quality. The results are very similar to the results that Limitless posted, which is excellent.

I will post a backtest with the 99% tick data if it is alright with Limitless.

Please reply Limitless.

Apr 25 2011 at 00:53
posts 20
          Thanks 4 the feedback.... I will be looking 4 your 99% tick data results... I've purchased some well advertised EA's that basically, have not produced what they what was advertised... So, as a lessons learned opportunity, I've written six EAs in the meantime.

Thanks again...


Apr 25 2011 at 00:56
posts 20

    Ok, 4 a trial period, what's the deposit. Let's take this offline ...

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