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Breakdown Accounts by daily, weekly, monthly data resultados de voto

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Discusión Breakdown Accounts by daily, weekly, monthly data

May 13 2016 at 19:45
posts 38
The current format shows each account in cumulative numbers in a graph and in the systems block by up to 10 different columns--but all these are cumulative from the inception of the account to date. While these are good numbers to have to show progress (or not), it's sorta like showing the cumulative progress of the human race from Adam to Albert Einstein and lunar exploration.

Interesting information to be sure, but I'd like to be able to see that data separate by year as well as cumulative. Really handy at tax time to show the IRS that I am a legitimate trader doing business as a trader every year and not as an hobbyist or investor. My CPA says this is really important.

Finally, I think you could provide better data and information in the Periods data.

The Periods data is much more interesting and helpful to me, but it is totally in the form of cumulative data. It adds up all my trades and gives me a snapshot of the cumulative totals of all my accounts via daily, weekly, monthly and yearly totals. That's great stuff. However, to go back to my analogy, it's sorta like showing me daily, weekly and monthly data from the Hubble telescope's cumulative view of the entire Universe when what I really need to see is the data from several telescopes that I'm using.

In other words, it would be really nice to see the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly data on each account. That way, if I change a EA or a different methodology on a particular account, I could see how I'm doing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis on that account. I could also tell whether or not I'm progressing and profitable on the currency pairs within that account--or maybe I ought to stop trading them.

Just a few thoughts. The information is already in your computers. You just need to write a program to drill down to get this info and publish in your reports.

I appreciate you giving your clients a forum to make suggestions. Thanks for listening.


May 24 2016 at 07:00
posts 17
Totally agreed with this. On top of that, please also allow us to select analysis period (starting date to ending date).

May 24 2016 at 07:00
posts 17
Sorry, I just noticed the function key: custom analysis. It's perfect now.

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