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RSS feed for my statement.... resultados de voto

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Discusión RSS feed for my statement....

Nov 01 2010 at 06:10
posts 941
That be nice, then I can simply stream my statement to my website, trade by trade....

Nov 01 2010 at 06:12
posts 941
All we'd need is a fourth option for printing the statements, XML if I understand it correctly.

I doubt I'll ever use it, but was adding RSS news feeds to my website and realized that be another very powerful marketing tool. Can end up with your trade stream on thousands of websites, all linking back to the fxbook account.

Mayank Saini (mayanksaini11)
Nov 04 2010 at 12:48
posts 19
Hello Sir,
           Can you please explain me how RSS feeds can be useful to the traders.


Everything belongs to God!
Nov 26 2010 at 04:08
posts 7
a trick to have this feature now:

-setup a new twitter only for myfxbook.
-link myfxbook with twitter.
-use twitter's rss feed.

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