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Best Scalper (By forexgermany )

Ganancia +1730.87%
Drawdown 59.72%
Pips: 3598.1
Operaciones 3593
Tipo Real
Apalancamiento: 1:500
Trading Automatizado


Jan 10 2017 at 07:57
12 mensajes
hi, bro, why your account get such nice result in 10th-Jan-2016, all order get win and the official account has reach to 20 SL. what is the reason ? @forexgermany

Jan 10 2017 at 17:43
139 mensajes
The auto-time function messed up again and calculated a wrong EST offset. Trading started and stopped one hour too early. I usually get bad trades when that happens, but I guess I was lucky this time.

incometrader (incometrader)
May 01 2017 at 12:07
157 mensajes
I'm wondering why you didn't get the big losing trades the vendor had? IE: 21.04.2017 23:17 24.04.2017 00:01 EURUSD Sell 0.10 1.07046 1.09146 -210.0 -209.67 2d -27.33%
Did you turn yours off before the weekend the Euro had the big gap?

May 01 2017 at 12:56
139 mensajes
No idea what the vendor did, but this EA isn't even supposed to open trades on Friday night and every trade opened in the night from Thursday to Friday should have been closed long before the weekend. So no, I didn't turn it off, because there was no risk.

Mohd1970 (Mohd1970)
Jul 05 2017 at 06:05
36 mensajes

i am interesting .. did u offer monthly rent ? or what is the terms for moneyback?

Mohd1970 (Mohd1970)
Jul 05 2017 at 11:41
36 mensajes
what is terms and conditions of money back?

Jul 05 2017 at 17:55
139 mensajes
You should ask the vendor.

tankbeta (tankbeta)
Jul 06 2017 at 05:47
170 mensajes

Plan your trades and trade your plans.
mikekhod (mikekhod)
Jul 06 2017 at 07:03
52 mensajes
Both products sold by same vendor eos and best scalper have the auto time issue. He claims its a bug and it should only use Windows 2008 and not 2012. It cost me 600 of losses to figure that out. Vendor did honor his money back though.

I am one of the 5-10% left in the world. Good people who love money for self and to help others. but NOT a sellout to money.
incometrader (incometrader)
Aug 09 2017 at 13:11
157 mensajes
Do you have it set on aggressive, modest or conservative setting?

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