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buy and sell cycle v1.0 (by academic)

Ganancia: +219.33%
Drawdown: 37.91%
Pips: 7321.8
Operaciones: 1182
Tipo: Demo
Apalancamiento: 1:200
Trading: Automatizado
Academic EA (academic)
Jan 25 at 13:18
14 mensajes
Updated advisor buy and sell cycle.

Jan 25 at 18:54
12 mensajes
Need information to evaluate it all, please tell me more...

Feb 18 at 05:21
12 mensajes
Could you provide some additional information on this system so that it becomes easy to evaluate please, thanks.

Academic EA (academic)
Feb 19 at 06:50
14 mensajes
The EA, depending on how the price changes, opens orders and places pending orders. Opens both buy and sell. One cycle - buy, one cycle - sell. The cycles can be together, they can be separate.
When 2 cycles (buy and sell) are completed and profit is reached, it turns off. take profit can be configured. At the moment it is set for profit ($ 5 to buy and $ 5 to sell). With a profit of $ 10, the advisor will turn off. In the settings, you can run it several more times a day, you can set it t

Academic EA (academic)
Feb 19 at 06:51
14 mensajes
В настройках можно запускать еще несколько раз в сутки, можно установить запуск на слудующие сутки.

Academic EA (academic)
Feb 19 at 06:57
14 mensajes
profit and lot are set depending on the initial deposit. Now it works at the start of a $ 300 deposit on two pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD. Lot 0.01. for each pair, depending on the market movement, there may be 1-4 cycles per day. With a deposit of $ 1000, you can set a profit of $ 20-50 per day.

Feb 19 at 11:29
9 mensajes
That is an impressive system. Could you share some information on this please?

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