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Contest - shehnaz786 (by shehnaz786)

Ganancia: -98.47%
Drawdown: 99.57%
Pips: -260.1
Operaciones: 80
Tipo: Demo
Apalancamiento: 1:400
Trading: Manual
Sayed Iqbal Ahmed Kadiri (shehnaz786)
Apr 29 2014 at 01:11
6 mensajes
Hi fellow traders and friends
We are on the verge of the competition starting, i think all of us should consider participating and trying to win as the primary objective and the prize money is secondary.
Here in this competition we have the opportunity to make friends with fellow traders as well as putting our skills into practice.
Newcomers to forex will get to understand the forex market better while seasoned traders will get the opportunity to try out new strategies that they may feel is risky on live accounts.
The winners in this contest can take back with them that there are a lot of skilled traders yet to show the community what they can do.
The competition gives you the opportunity to gain confidence and to implement your trading skills and it also helps you improve any areas in your trading that may be suspect.

This broker has given you a higher leverage so be aware of how this effects your trading.also you do get to try out this brokers platform and at the same time lets you determine whether this broker may be suitable for live trading conditions.

So lets stop squibing about the price money and lets trade and win the competition

Best of luck to all

sensible trading and live to fight another day.
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