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On Control EA , #Closed (de On Control EA )

Ganancia : +929.2%
Disminución 65.66%
Pips: 1366.5
Transacciones 4169
Tipo: Real
Apalancamiento: 1:500
Trading: Automatizado

Discusión On Control EA , #Closed

Mario (SwingFish)
Aug 09 2017 at 07:37
posts 32
Looks like a martingale ..

Professional Canned-Tuna Eater
Jul 10 2019 at 00:45
posts 41
I am a retail trader with $3000.
Buying this EA mean ($3000 - $2200) = $800
This mean I won't have the minimum required $starting balance of $2000.
I gues I should go shopping elsewhere.

Yeah, I know another option is the keep my $3000 and do the monthly lease for $140/month.
Now I would have to pay a $50/month for VPS fee. This is almost a $200/month expense
The average monthly return for this EA in 2019 is just under $140/month. This is base on trading with .01 lot since I wold have a small account to survive at lease the medium draw down.

Does not seem the developer is catering for retail traders. Those with the deep pockets, may be.

I am basically not afraid of martingale EAs but the math has to make sense.

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