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GKFX Real Account (By forexeasuper )

El usuario ha borrado este sistema.


May 23 2012 at 17:52
162 mensajes
This guy send messages to all top scoring system providers.. One of my friend he has one of the top scoring account in myfxbook received mail from this guy.. Please read it...

FX Robot - MAM
May 21 (2 days ago)

Dear Sir.,
we analyzed your system, your experience and other factors and we are ready to give you a chance to manage our funds. We are a Japanese company dealing with many serious customers ready to invest their assets. So we hope that if your system proves to be profitable, we can have more business together in the nearest future.
For now we want to check your system for the next 3 months and invest $200,000 of our own money at the start. We prefer to send you money to your bank account and you open an account for us. This is due to heavy taxes in Japan, around 40-45%, so if the account is in our name, almost all profits would be taken by the tax office. Therefore we prefer to use offshore brokers, not Japanese brokers. Which broker will you use for us?
On the other hand we don't want to entrust our money to just anyone. We had bad experience with 2 traders before, who traded very risky and we lost much money. So we want to be more careful now.
We assume that the draw-down is no bigger than 30%, so from $200,000 only $60,000 can be risked.

To avoid big losses and make sure the trader is serious and really profitable, we require from our trading partners a refundable deposit of 5% of the funds we are going to invest, so in this case $10,000.

Since your system is very profitable we assume that this is not a problem for you. After receiving the refundable deposit, we will send a money order from our bank account in Japan to your bank account and you can start the process of opening a bank account under your name so we can avoid taxes.
We understand that this might be an inconvenience for you, but please understand we must make sure our funds are safe, we are risking at least $50,000, you only $10,000.
If you have any questions, please let us know.

Atsushi Miyamoto
Financial Manager
Scalpea KK
Tokyo, Japan

Fxrobtomam is managing fund by himself.. but he is demanding 10000$ to send fxrobotmam from traders and he is looking for traders...

The guy behind screen is Dominic... The leading scammer

May 24 2012 at 05:40
11 mensajes
Dominic milan's 'Magicfxrobot, super fx robot, fx genius, forexninjarobot, ecnfxrobot is back again in another name 'FX ROBOT'....!!,1

See, how easy it is to trace this guy... Just have a look at both these sites ,

He always decorates his sites with RED, BLUE, GREEN and '!!!'

Try something new Dominic..!!!

Feb 24 2013 at 18:44
73 mensajes
this is scammer, i buy it use 1000 but unyil now cannot trade in REAL account

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