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iQuant (outdated version) (de )

El usuario ha borrado este sistema.

Discusión iQuant (outdated version)

Alan (huang_a)
Dec 23 2011 at 20:45
posts 29
why you a custom start date? the previous trades are hidden?
Dec 29 2011 at 18:45
posts 6
Dear Alan,

the reason for the custom start date is that the account was used for other kinds of strategies before. In order to display only the trades made by iQuant+ the previous trades, deposits and withdrawals had to be disclosed by a custom start date.
If you are interested in the account history before the trading activity of iQuant+, you only have to change the start date in the 'custom analysis' in the upper right. In this case you should keep in mind that the then shown statistics have nothing to do with iQuant+.


Ole Fass
automated trading solutions made in Germany
automated trading solutions made in Germany
Vadim (FXdog)
Jan 26 2012 at 10:50
posts 24
Hey guys!
I was very impressed of your iQuant+ results and submitted a request for EA release confirmation on your official site.
Please reply does your EA trade EURUSD only or other pairs are allowed as well?
And one more-has your robot different risk settings inside-i mean low,medium and high risk settings?
Wait for your soonest start up and good luck!
Best wishes Vadim.
Jan 26 2012 at 20:06
posts 6
Dear Vadim,

iQuant concentrates only on the EURUSD. It shows positive results for the EURGBP too, but the obtained results are by far not as profitable as for the EURUSD. However, we didn't put the EA to the test on other currency pairs and its trading behaviour in other pairs than the two named ones is still something to find out about.


Ole Fass
automated trading solutions made in Germany
automated trading solutions made in Germany
Feb 04 2012 at 10:27
posts 95
Winning 2nd place at the ATC 2011 is quite an amazing feat.

However, this past week's performance, unfortunately, is quite bad. With one trade taking away 62.89% of the account. How would you say the performance there and the one we see here is related?

When you commercially launch your EA, what would be a realistic risk setting?
Feb 04 2012 at 11:34
posts 1
Hey Tim,

Oha das nenn ich mal einen Drawdown. Momentan sind natürlich auch sehr ungünstige Umstände für dein System. Der Chart befindet sich aktuell in einem extrem konstanten Channel. Eventuell solltest du noch einen Trendfilter einsetzen.

Kannst du schon sagen ob es an einem Programmfehler lag oder aufgrund der ungünstigen Bedingungen dazu gekommen ist??

Feb 05 2012 at 17:26
posts 13
what happened? it's just sad to see a good performing EA took a big hit like this. i hope everything worked out & keep up the good work!
Feb 07 2012 at 15:44
posts 6
Dear everybody,

I'd like to answer the questions that occured because of the latest series of drawdowns. The reason for the unexpected drop in the performance of the system has more than one reason.
From an abstract point of view it was our mistake to underestimate the nature of most improbable events. They occur far more often than mathematics tells us.
From the technical point of view it is the case that the EA was not adequately prepared to deal with such an extreme sideways movement as it was shown by the market during the last couple of days. We are currently working on improving the EA so that such an event won't happen again. We would be glad to keep your interest in the future performance of the system and in the coming developements of our enterprise -

Best regards

Ole Fass
automated trading solutions made in Germany
automated trading solutions made in Germany
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