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KangarooEA (de Don )

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Discusión KangarooEA

Don (Don_)
Jan 17 2011 at 11:04
posts 7

This is a 'veteran' Alpari UK micro account of mine which earned the right (or pain) of hosting KangarooEA.
The account is called veteran since it has its own record of trades originated by other EAs and manual operations. You can view these as well if you want, by playing custom analysis date settings.

However, at the moment the account is dedicated to KangarooEA only, hence the custom starting date setting.

- First I have started with KangarooEA v4.0 on Nov. 22., 2010.
- Currently KangarooEA v4.1 is running.

I did not tweak any of the EA's settings, no huge Risk and SL was set, no tampering with news filter settings either, etc.
Everything is stock. I think the default settings were determined after a long test period, and I accept its result which is formed in this default set-up.
Also, Alpari UK is an average broker. Not too bad and not too great. I think this fact suggests that I shouldn't go with above average settings, anyway.

Since this EA is not that 'high frequency trader' type, and also has a monthly subscription fee which needs to be earned on its own, and also since Alpari UK is an average broker (Kangaroo can catch about 70-85% of the trades compared to e.g. Collective FX or other, above average brokers), I have decided to start with around $1000 balance. Well, I had this $1268 account (I don't know why MyFxBook writes $1270 on it?), so I have started with this.

As I wrote in the short description of the account, it was able to earn its cost in a slow year end. Let's see how it performs among normal market conditions.
Don (Don_)
Jan 31 2011 at 12:50
posts 7

From today on KangarooEA_AUDUSD v5.0 and KangarooEA_EURUSD v5.0 is running on this account with default settings.
Don (Don_)
Feb 01 2011 at 23:18
posts 7

Fired up the flash updates now (v5.1) .
Don (Don_)
Mar 01 2011 at 13:28
posts 7
Updated to v5.9

Meanwhile it seems MyFxBook screwed up the numbers, again. I think this site is completely useless if the calculated numbers are wrong. It's not the 'usual' few tenths of percents here and there (which is still a shame, anyway), but completely wrong numbers. The overall gain with Kangaroo was about +15%. This was the correct number. Then it changed to +74% and now it is +10%... This is everything but a trustable statistical analysis. 😡

Is it time to leave this unprofessional site?
Don (Don_)
Apr 01 2011 at 19:41
posts 7
Updated to v6.0

MyFxBook is still playing with the numbers and ruining my (and others') stats continuously. From now on I can't consider MyFxBook as a trustable statistical website. They're keep playing with the results, screwing up statistics and graphs. Like if this site were maintained by a few 12 years old kids. This is unacceptable, for me at least.
It seems it's time to move on to some other MetaTrader stats website.
Don (Don_)
May 10 2011 at 14:27
posts 7
There are KangarooEA v6.1 and v6.2 already, but I did not upgrade yet. Now I'm fighting with myfxbook's custom analyzer part that always cap end date to 05/05/2011. I can't display any trades after this date. Wonderful. 😕
Any suggestions for a better online trade publisher?
Jun 11 2011 at 03:57
posts 95
Not your fault at all but there's something wrong with the way Growth is recorded on May 10, 2011 and Jun 09, 2011.

E.g. I don't quite understand how it can shoot back up to 39.96% when profit moves from $282.89 to $302.97, which works out to be a gain of $20.08 (7.10%).

There is no withdrawal or deposit to skew the percentages. Very strange.

It would be best to analyse from the Profit chart which reflects the actual status as with Tulipfx's own charts.
Don (Don_)
Jun 11 2011 at 10:15
posts 7
Well, if it remains between us, not everything is ok with myfxbook calculations in my opinion. I guess they overdone it and there are some mistakes here and there.
Also, AlpariUK was simply put a 'forgotten' item from middle of last year to current year's booking. Therefore it looks like if I were started Kangaroo with $1800, however it was $1266. That's why there is a 'loss' in the graphs (before the last two SL's of Kangaroo).
So, this whole thing is seems inaccurate now. Alpari and myfxbook was destroyed the stats nicely. I'm thinking on pulling the whole stuff off from myfxbook as it has no point anymore.
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