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Neural network - constant range bars (de mikkaworks )

Ganancia : +255.63%
Disminución 50.63%
Pips: 30763.7
Transacciones 269
Tipo: Real
Apalancamiento: 1:50
Trading: Manual

Discusión Neural network - constant range bars

Oct 13 2009 at 17:29
posts 5
Hi, could you tell me more about your system??
Oct 14 2009 at 02:13
posts 5
yeah it uses constant range bars, and what so special about them is they, ignore time, and only change when there is actual price movement. And they are combined with a tweaked MA (Moving average).

And the system is basically a trending system.
Oct 14 2009 at 19:48
posts 1
is it available to purchase / subscribe to ?
Nov 12 2009 at 01:34
posts 9
Is your system like renko-ashi. How do you determine TP and SL ?
Philippe (Cyrillic)
Feb 28 2010 at 17:43
posts 13
Is the system available for purchase? drop me a pm...
If it can't be bought its not worth my time...
Oct 29 2011 at 13:54
posts 1
He stopped trading. I know because I taught him how to trade.
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