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parmanand pawar (de pawar9099)

Ganancia : +349.11%
Disminución 43.43%
Pips: 43311.6
Transacciones 1399
Tipo: Real
Apalancamiento: 1:500
Trading: Manual

Discusión parmanand pawar

pawar9099 (pawar9099)
Feb 10 at 20:45
posts 2
Feb 26 at 10:05
posts 16
You are doing a good job! I would like to know more about how you are trading and what trading strategies you are following.

Mar 22 at 06:03
posts 13
This looks like a very good system and even the returns are better on this. Great work.

Apr 05 at 10:47
posts 12
Your system has good returns and I’m glad you decided to share this here for comments and evaluation.

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