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Rinus (rinus)
Jan 26 2016 at 16:06
posts 20
Send me a reply mail then I can try to explain better with screenshots and share my Excel spreadsheet with you. You can also look at the calendar of which is quite accurate. I assume the lost yesterday 25 Monday was due to the EURO Currency - ECB President Draghi's Speaks which disturb the market 'remember high news alerts close to our trading hour'.

What I have pickup is once one of the major currencies moves rapidly it has a influence on the other currency pairs too. Therefore you should not look at our trading currencies only; any news does not matter what currency in or close to our trading hour can cause a potential loss. I know the Fury EA was not programmed taking market news in consideration and once the trading hours starts and the EA see with its indicators a potential trade it opens the positions but then market new causes rapid movement working against the direction of the EA indicators and this is when these losses occur. The market is not suppose to move a lot in our trading hour that is why the 5 pips as take profit works but with news the market moves vigorously and with that action hitting the stoploss at 29 pips in normally a short period. I can be wrong with my strategy but as you mentioned your plan is to monitor this strategy for this month and see whats happening.
Jun 22 2017 at 12:24
posts 5
Hi, how is this Forex Fury EA going now? I am considering buying it now? Thanks.
Jul 16 2017 at 07:02
posts 8
Hi John,

Not a good choice. Try MyBitcoinBot but just make sure your broker does 1) Bitcoin and 2) mini contracts on Bitcoin

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