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Project iCSR #1 (de fam1464 )

El usuario ha borrado este sistema.

Discusión Project iCSR #1

Family Man
Jan 06 2013 at 07:25
posts 2
First project for 2013.

Make $15 to $1,000

I use iCSR (intelligent CSR) Trading System.

I did not pursue quantity of trade. But the quality of the trade.

If this project goes smoothly, the next project waiting to be launched.

- For With God, All Things Shall be Possible -

Darth Revan (businessguy)
Jan 06 2013 at 19:45
posts 56
Jan 07 2013 at 02:56
posts 257
wow you had a good day; are you going to try to keep this insane risk for future trades ?
Family Man
Jan 07 2013 at 09:43
posts 2
Hi duzyfx,

Yes, i will keep this method untul reach 1,000 usd :)
FYI this is not my main account, mymain account use 1-3% risk.

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