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Titansmil Aug 06 at 14:18
Can you tell me about the Sphinx EG, looks like it was successful and then had a very large bad spell...
estyle999 Aug 06 at 14:22
This is a fake robot made for demo accounts only. It does not work with real money.
Titansmil Aug 06 at 14:23
ok good to know, Thank You
forex_trader_[2520195] Aug 05 at 23:31
so is it a buy or sell
estyle999 Aug 06 at 07:07
up to 1790 in the priority of sale. I trade intraday from the borders of boxes or daily levels and on the day I can both sell and buy.
KursatKara Aug 14 at 21:00
Hey you wanna learn valueable stuff about forex? , contact me for personal contact.
estyle999 Jul 27 at 16:15
ТС «Boxes & Levels» -Риск-менеджмент и мани-менеджмент
estyle999 Jul 03 at 21:58
Торговые стратегии
richard13 Jul 04 at 13:51
Супер стратегия всем рекомендую
Hendrixx Jul 13 at 14:53
@estyle999 such an informative piece!!. i always look forward to reading your fxhub blog content
estyle999 Jul 13 at 15:11
Thanks! I will try to write 2 more articles by the end of the week.
YogeshP17 Jun 30 at 15:23
Gold buy...?
estyle999 Jun 30 at 15:44
shorts below 1764.31
thinkingbig Jun 30 at 11:40
gold looks like a buy. retesting W support. 4hr bullish divergence. breaks1750 sell break 1766 buy. possible!!!!!!!!!
estyle999 Jun 30 at 12:23
shorts below 1764.31
richard13 Jun 30 at 12:40
Titansmil Jun 22 at 14:53
How do you feel about Gold at the moment?
estyle999 Jun 23 at 06:47
You can write comments under each article, what exactly is not clear to you and I will answer. For the future, I will try to duplicate pictures into English
Titansmil Jun 23 at 11:17
ok Great, Thank You!
estyle999 Jun 16 at 10:57
Сценарий на 16.06.2021
Titansmil Jun 15 at 12:34
how are we looking on GOLD? are you able to explain what your looking for for an entry?
Titansmil Jun 15 at 13:08
what would be your target for Take profit
estyle999 Jun 15 at 13:35
Titansmil Jun 03 at 21:10
Ok great, just trying to see if I am looking at things and starting to understand... thank you for teaching me
Titansmil Jun 03 at 19:53
Looks like possible box forming from mid may time frame with today.... am I right?
estyle999 Jun 03 at 20:17
I am not guessing. To form a box, I need two points and only then I will look for trades. Yes, it is now possible to roll back to 1887.00, but we can also calmly go to 1820.00 tomorrow. Tomorrow the high of the day will show us the second point and then the box will be visible and where to trade. Take your time, let the price draw a box and only then trade.
Titansmil Jun 03 at 13:32
Do you use EA or all manual trading?
estyle999 Jun 03 at 13:46
This is manual trading. No indicators or robots.
Titansmil Jun 03 at 13:46
richard13 Jun 03 at 13:11
yes, very good, everything is clear
Titansmil Jun 03 at 13:04
I see the box as formed by highs and lows.... Is that correct?
estyle999 Jun 03 at 13:10
Yes. and the more the price touches the borders of the box, the better and more accurate the entry into the trade.
Titansmil Jun 03 at 12:52
or possible a buy limit at 1875.10?
estyle999 Jun 03 at 12:58
it's a risk. The price will either return to the box or we must wait for the price to draw a new box for us.
Titansmil Jun 03 at 12:47
I want to say enter a buy at 1894.28 ?
estyle999 Jun 03 at 12:54
Not. If we consider the buy, then it is higher than 1888.00. Now only sell until the price is above 1888.00
Titansmil Jun 03 at 12:39
I have never learned this method, can you explain what you are doing and how it works?
estyle999 Jun 03 at 12:45
Give me a few days. I'll write how it works and give you a link. For now, keep an eye on the chart and where you would enter trades.
Titansmil Jun 03 at 12:34
ok, I keep getting messages saying you changed it, just watching to see what you have next
estyle999 Jun 03 at 12:38
You can draw a rectangle on your graph and then check it against mine.
Titansmil Jun 03 at 12:26
What did you change on your chart
estyle999 Jun 03 at 12:32
From the moment I answered you, I have not changed anything. When I go to the chart, he thinks that I'm changing it.
Titansmil Jun 03 at 10:18
Thank You
Titansmil Jun 02 at 17:19
can you explain the chart please?
estyle999 Jun 03 at 09:57
In short. This is intraday trading. Trade entry at the borders of the rectangles. Exit from the trade on the other side of the rectangle. Set the stop loss behind the rectangle. On the chart, for example, I showed where the entry, take and stop are.
richard13 May 21 at 13:08
I am watching this trader and his predictions, he accurately predicts the kudp is the price. Here are my trades yesterday and today for gold
estyle999 May 21 at 13:19
Titansmil Jun 02 at 17:19
can you explain the chart please?
richard13 May 21 at 12:58
I recommend everyone an accurate forecast, right on target)
richard13 May 07 at 13:04
Супер все от уровня к уровню)