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Drive Alpha Research is a global provider of research and consulting on global market analysis, macroeconomics and quantitative trading strategies research and development.

We provide specialized research and consultations services to hedge fund, proprietary trading firms and financial institutions seeking solutions to drive alpha.

Drive Alpha has developed the world’s first Forex Market Sentiment Index updated at each major opening across the globe. Each major market opening, traders will get exclusive professional grade market insight telling them what direction to trade and at what prices.

Drive Alpha Research provides our clients significant and specialized resources such as business analysts, risk managers, math actuaries, accountants, and finance industry experts. Our professional integrity and unbiased, methodical, and creative approach to each consulting project ensure that our clients achieve maximum value from our work.

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Nombre Ganancia Disminución Pips Trading Apalancamiento Tipo
DA PREMIUM 12.54% 40.73% 316.0 Manual 1:100 Demo
weekly technical outlook 24.51% 68.87% 1826.4 Manual 1:100 Demo
DA cable and audcad 35.07% 53.19% -772.3 Automatizado 1:100 Demo
DA RS 38.96% 31.21% 2889.3 Manual 1:100 Real

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