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I’m from Switzerland, the father of my best friend used to work as manager in the Swiss division of American Express and later worked as financial advisor in a brokerage firm.
I call him a few years ago because I was planning to start trading with some futures and allocated gold accounts, he told me I would not make enough money to make my living because of the small leverages of those instruments, he told me about a money market much more liquid and “dangerous”. He didn’t encourage me to trade, but he gave me all the info I needed to go by myself and start learning (losing money) to make money from the markets.

Estilo de trading:
Swing and day trading.
No indicators.
Just demand & suply levels, with some trend lines.
A few, but very simple strategies.

No especificado

Experiencia 3-5 años


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Inscrito Feb 01 2010 at 16:03

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