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Nombre Rags2Riches

I started my forex career back in june 2008 with out any clue and lost all my risk capital in just 5 months. Rather than giving up, I decided to pursue and 7 years into the making, I built a strategy which has reasonable positive expectancy. I am looking for Prop Trader opportunity. If given chance, I will assure you won't be disappointed with my results.

Estilo de trading:
My Trading Style is Manual and my Trading System has reasonable positive expectancy though win rate is 10%. We must realize that making money and being always right aren't mutually inclusive. What this basically means is that one can exist without the other. Expectancy is one of the most crucial aspects of any trading strategy. To be profitable, all you need to have is a positive expectancy.
“Holy Grail in Trading is having system with positive expectancy.”

Our objective in the market is not to be just right but to make a killing when we are right.

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