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Lloyd Yeo


Nombre Lloyd Yeo

Hey there. I'm a trader originating from one of the most expensive city in the world: Singapore.
Several years ago I was not profitable and struggling but throughout the learning process I've become better and this system will be sort of a testament to this entire learning process.

Estilo de trading:
Always follow the trend. Even the worst trader can look like an expert when with the trend.

Experiencia Más de 5 años


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Inscrito Jul 14 2017 at 12:46

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Systems by lloyd_yeo

Nombre Ganancia Disminución Pips Trading Apalancamiento Tipo
Price Action Lloyd 1041.31% 29.41% -290.0 Manual 1:400 Real
PA Lloyd 65.73% 26.87% 304.2 Manual 1:400 Real
Price Action - Lloyd 1100.87% 100.00% 1618.3 Manual 1:400 Real

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