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Nombre Ronald

Started trading July 2012 and lost a few thousands of Euro's during the first two years or so, due to lack of discipline and buying too many EA's, before I finally found out that this wasn't the way to do things. Coming to the end of my third trading year, I can say that I managed to get rid of my bad trading habits (of which 'moving my stop loss away from my entries' was the most costly bad habit of all) and am actually getting on top of the game :-) I'm kinda 'stalking' the price, waiting for specific signals at specific times (mostly the first hours of the London Session), using relatively small stops and much bigger take profits. This way I manage to at least break even most of the trading days and usually better than that (today, 20 July 2015, I lost 3 trades, won 1 and still gained about 8 pips - just to show the low risk of this trading method). Discipline is king in this game...

Estilo de trading:
Low risk, high profit is my trading style. Stalking the price (max. 3-4 trades per day), taking small losses until the market shows its hand... It's more or less some kind of 'dynamic breakout trading', instead of the more common 'swing trading' style.

It's all in the mind (this applies not only to trading).

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