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posts 12 and Ester broker are a scam. They are cooperating with Ester broker and every day they produce fake trades for previous day.
As a proof, see attached report sent from Ester broker customer support. This is a supposed service offered from them, but has exactly the same trades with
They have offered to me, these trades to be copied on my MT4 account. All I had to do is deposit $14,000 to that account. As soon as I did so, I have asked to start copying these trades on my account.
 In addition, see attached daily reports which shows that they are doing post-trade adjustments to trades, in order to show them as profitable (they reverse order type from BUY to SELL and vice versa). When I stated this on emails sent to them, they have replied with no-sense excuses, that my account is virtual, that my money is saved on their master account, and that they could do so, for my benefit. I have the email correspondence with them as a proof.
As soon, as I realized their scam, I have entered a withdrawal request for all of my money. The day after, they have produced around 500 fake trades, with big lot size, and wiped-out my account. Of course, these trades were not real. They have produced them in order to steal my hard-earned money. I have complained several times to them, and their response was that was due to a technical error of their EA, and they would take care of that. I have asked for my money back, but they were giving only promises.
As soon, as I threatened them that I would report Ester and RoFx for their scam activity, a guy, who presented himself as the Ester’s finance head manager, called me from London, from RoFx call center (I know this number because I have called RoFx a couple of months earlier for more information about their service), and tried to blame me that it was a risk that I took while I traded on forex, and they could not give my money back. He also offered me to deposit even more money, in order to invest in another system, they have. I denied to do so, but I lost my hard-earned money, and I cannot do anything about this, except telling my story to the people out there, warning them to stay away from and Ester broker. Bear in mind that Ester broker regulator cannot do anything about this.
I am at your disposal to present to you in a private chat, names, telephone numbers, even more screenshots, and MT4 daily/monthly reports which verify my story above.
On 5th August 2020 they intentionally created loss trades that wiped out my account - See file above 'Statement - after fake loss trades - 21082020.pdf'. That occurred immediately after placing a withdrawal request to get my $14,000 back to my bank account. As stated above, these are not real trades, but created only as an excuse for not returning my money back. Unfortunately, this can be done on a MT4 server. That's why trades are a scam.
Please stay away from and Ester broker. They are nothing more than a gang who cheat people.

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The above post should have read:

No actual regulations OR guarantees of asset protections.

Always be aware of that without proper regulations and asset protections, you have little to no legal protections for your investment capital.

If it looks too good to be true, it's probably a scam! Let the buyer beware.
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