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Well for Ermes it looks to me like simple delay latenzy issue so your trades got opened a bit delayed with a different price therefore causing in this case a bigger loss... no reason to claim ThinkForest would be scaming...
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Those upper persons talked about bad of Thinkforex were utter rubbish, because I know Thinkforex is good and honest! I have been trading with them for more than two years, I am sure Thinkforex is for those traders who can make profit in long term. Thinkforex will execute all your orders in accurate price as well as no slippage, yet it accepts aggressive scalping. One thing poor is the speed of execution which is a bit slower than other brokers. They even admitted their fault for returning full trade loss of usd330.50 to me as I opened a ticket to ask them for investigation. Thinkforex is really honest and responsible broker! Traders should have no worries to trade with Thinkforex. I will simply say Thinkforex will rapidly grow stronger in this industry
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@Ermes, did thinkforex resolve your issue?

If not, let me know how I can help. I am in constant contact with their office as I am an IB.
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Sorry, I've posted the same account twice.

ThinkForex (Live 2) ---> (same) Receiver

Omitted: even the demo account (Alpari NZ) is a RECEIVER. Therefore be ruled out technical problems.
In the past also thinkforex was regular. No 'Errors!'
When I started winning began tricks!
This is not the only session in which I find myself with losers positions added from broker.

Everyone is warned.

Now, I'm going to withdraw... Stay tuned.

I also produced a video that demonstrates this SCAM!
Maybe I will make public all of my accounts.

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"Without discipline, there’s no life at all."
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Stay AWAY from this broker!!!
Adding losing position never opens...

Now I'm not able to login on their portal and withdraw

Alpari NZ (demo) ----> Sender

HotForex (live) ---> Receiver

ThinkForex (Live 1) ---> (same) Receiver

ThinkForex (Live 2) ---> (same) Receiver

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"Without discipline, there’s no life at all."
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no MB withdrawals fee on the faq page

but Thinkforex alway charge $15
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fyi, my application for connection with rebatemypips to my thinkforex account is not approved.

Those intending to use their vps, check this out 1st >>>

Average time taken for customer support is ~5-7days; maybe they're overloaded *shrugged*
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Justin just the suggestion the deposit by credit card to input to account very long time. Maybe your company can make this thing quick.
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thinkforex Withdrawal very difficult, I applied for a very long times to Withdrawal,but They have been no payment to me, they do not give me an answer. I hope they can solve this problem as soon as possible.
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The more I shop learn about forex the more I like ThinkForex.

I must say they have been extremely accommodating to all my requirements...
slow and steady wins the race
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I'm trading on ThinkForex VPS since December 2010 with a live account and real money. Never had any problem. Execution is perfect, customer support is second to none and available 24x7.
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very fast execution..i'm really like it.i put my ea and doubled in 1 month 😎
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My name is Justin Butler from ThinkForex and I am the official representative for the MyFXBook forum. I am here to answer any questions about ThinkForex and also provide you a overview of our firm.

Many traders have realized the benefits of ThinkForex with its true ECN/STP execution, platform speed, no re-quotes, proactive 24-hour customer support team and tight spreads. Now all of our traders have an added level of confidence in knowing they are conducting business with an officially licensed and regulated broker.

ThinkForex is quickly becoming the industry standard and trader’s choice for traders of all levels. With multiple platforms, including Metatrader 4, Metatrader 4 Pro and the ThinkForex SpeedTrader, traders have an endless amount of options to fit their trading needs.

I understand that many of you have been waiting to come on board with ThinkForex, but the pending status of our regulation has been holding you back. I am pleased to announce that we are now officially licensed with FSPR and FSCL in New Zealand.

Now all of our traders have the peace of mind to know that your funds are safe and you have a large and well-respected government entity backing you up in the event of a dispute. Our platform speed, ECN/STP execution and spreads are setting the tone for the future of forex firms. Now you have the confidence to realize what so many already have by joining a broker you can truly trust.

Best regards,

Justin Butler
ThinkForex Account Executive
Phone: (877) 302-1692 ext. 1005
Fax: (877) 467-8128
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I am actually running Robominer and Forex Gold Trader with ThinkForex. I am running Hyper EA on CFH markets as I found it did not perform as well as expected in ThinkForex. For Hyper EA - the best brokers are the ones they advise - either FinFx, CFH Markets or NordFX. The Hyper EA account you were looking at by the way is real. You can see wheat I am doing in terms of broker and leverage etc by hitting the 'General' tab next to the chart.
slow and steady wins the race
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I'm also trying out the HyperEA on the ThinkForex demo mt4 platform.
I'm glad to hear your happy with TF however is your account real or demo? And I don't see any score from you. Maybe you should place a sore?
I'm passing on a score here for the time being as I'm still testing them out and only on a demo. I don't give much credit myself to scores on just demo accounts as they tend to be very different from the real deal.
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Broker is applying for regulation with BVI.
Fast execution
No commission ECN broker
Free VPS
Hedging allowed.
Swap free accounts available.
Customer service - second to none - and I mean it!
slow and steady wins the race
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