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Discussion au sujet de Tickmill

Nov 13 2016 at 07:34
25 messages
I have now a validated account with Tickmill. It took me slightly longer time but I am going with them long-term. I understand that UK brokers have more strict customer onboarding procedures. Since I am from Europe then I was not able to open account with them before when they only had Tickmill Ltd company.

I will keep you posted how it all goes. I have heard good stuff about them.

Drolph, if I had similar experience like you I would have elevated the issue to the management of Tickmill. I think Duncan Anderson, their CEO has long industry experience and they surely can improve stuff that can be improved.

Happy trading!

When I win I win small, when I loose I loose it all!
Nov 20 2016 at 07:44
1 messages
I just opened an account with these guys. The process was very simple. Now that they are FCA regulated, I have taken funds out of some of the other brokers to fund the account with Tickmill. My only complaint is that they did not accept broker to broker transfer so I had to take funds back to my bank account and then send them a wire. It just took longer, but they said it was the rules according to their compliance. I love the trading conditions these guys provide, so I thought it was worth the little effort from my part.

Dec 15 2016 at 09:22
6 messages
Drolph posted:
I was in the process of opening an account with them.

However, I have trouble verifying my residence for a very unprofessional reason.
I am trading with up to 10 different brokers and always used a bank statement or bill (or both) where private financial or tax related details are censored, as they are not necessary for the verification of my residence/address.

They insist on these details although there is no valid reason.

Why? I have to prove where I live, not what I am paying to someone!
They call regulation as reason.. well.. just three examples, Activetrades, Darwinex and Onetrade, who are all under the same UK regulation were happy to verify my adress without(!) the need for discrete financial details. And I am sure they are not acting against the regulation by doing so.

Well, no problem - I am using one of their competitors instead, who treats and respects their clients in a professional and discrete way.

Privacy is a sensitive topic and should be taken with care - especially from a company I am willing to entrust my money. Low commission is not everything.

I am encouraging every trader to think about this!

Based on this experience Tickmill is NOT recommended.
onetrade,, please carefully, no <<website>> on FCA page.

Omar (Jozefntou)
Dec 29 2016 at 11:49
2 messages
I've been back testing tickmill with a small amount for sometime now, I can say that execution is better than my previous broker. I compared the prices and locked also a LOT of positive slippage trades. Everybody creates a lot of noise about various other brokers But in the end of the day, How much are you paying your broker?

I dare you to check and calculate your trading history, last year I checked my trading history on my previous broker, 8K lots in 1 year, payed 80K to them 😡.

This year, for the same trades, same positions I will be paying only 32K.. I am saving 48K in a year because of my move into tickmill. I cannot thank them enough for that, so I came here and posted my experience with Tickmill. 😄

For me at least, it makes no sense to trade anywhere else.

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.
Jugoslav Namljidjiu (JFX555)
Jan 02 2017 at 08:17
2 messages
So you are satisfied with Tickmill i just recommend them because of good experience and i begin IB just to offer traders 5% commission discount

Pip Vision (woodcutter)
Jan 15 2017 at 08:33
10 messages
Finally I moved all my funds to Tickmill from 3 other brokers after learned they opted for stricter control under FCA. It's really been great pleasure to trade with them as execution is far better than with any popular brokers like FXCM and IC. After 1 year of experience and withdrawing more than 50K from them without any problems I would say they are best in terms of balance between safety and quality.

Jan 25 2017 at 07:59
8 messages
Very popular broker with very competitive spread all over the forex pairs

Now, they are under the regulation of the FCA. So, I feel confident keeping my funds with them

I like their lightening fast withdrawals most. Receiving my funds to my Skrill wallet within maximum of 2 hours!

Never faced any issues so far

Hope they will continue their good service forever. Highly recommended!

Eds (eds_)
Jan 31 2017 at 14:54
5 messages
It is very interesting, every one have so positive reviews of them. Looks like I only one who have problems.

Can some one check and confirm that they don't have such problems as I have, before I contacting them.

All, I mean all my orders getting filed with worth price as they are requested. If I set order to enter market for buy at price 0,0020 order fills with 0,0025 and if my SL is set at 0,0015 it will end up with 0,0010 and opposite if I set my order to sell at price 0,003 it will open at price 0,0025 and SL will be fill from 0,004 to 0,0045.

Price is correct only if I do trading manually, then I cant see any slipping of price. But orders 100% are worse for me.

I just made statistic, and find out that in average on this way my commission to them is no 4$ per lot but more then 10$. And that's a lot.

Even on statements, clearly seen that order is set at that price, but close is different.
Hope to hear from your experience.

Pip Vision (woodcutter)
Feb 01 2017 at 07:32
10 messages
eds_ posted:

I just made statistic, and find out that in average on this way my commission to them is no 4$ per lot but more then 10$. And that's a lot.


Yeah because you are forgetting about spreads. Pending orders are activated after passing the distance from your set level equal to current spread.
I also have orders triggered with the same costs like you and its absolutely normal.

Eds (eds_)
Feb 01 2017 at 10:31
5 messages
woodcutter posted:

Yeah because you are forgetting about spreads. Pending orders are activated after passing the distance from your set level equal to current spread.
I also have orders triggered with the same costs like you and its absolutely normal.

No, I you are wrong. There is nothing about spread.

Spreads are floating, that's fine. And I am not first day in a market, and know how and what.
For example if you set your SL for buying position on EUR/USD 1,07770 (five digits) then it should then it should close it at that price not 1,07765.

More example:
Buying EUR/USD with buylimit order at price 1,07750, stop loss is 1,07650, TP is 1,07950 spread is around 0,3pips, commission is 4$ for lot. So, after opening of position you are -7$, how it should be. And how do you think it should look like?

Here is how Tickmill doing:
Your order, in best case, will open at 1,07700, and lets say this time I win position and close with TP, so they closing position with a price 1,07945.

And now lets count, how much it cost me in stead of 7$.
If from both sides they staling you 0,5p it is 10$ for one position and in total you pay not 7$ but 17$.
And that is in best scenario.
I got monthly statement today, and will show you.

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