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Discussion Cheap Forex VPS

Jan 03 2015 at 21:57
posts 26
I'm customer over a year and everything is fine. At the beginning i had some perfomance problems on the first and smallest VPS, but the perfomance seems to be rised over the year, i never had problems since then. User support is friendly, they answer all questions within reasonable time.
Right now i have four VPS with them. Look for the 24 months fees, it's really a good rate compared to some VPS with big theater internet web pages and even bigger promises. cheap forex web page is more background and that's what is the way i like.

A general thing for all VPS :
-You should watch the memory and cpu in hard times (FED) etc. Therefore do not spare the money and overload your VPS too much. If currency prices do not change, you MT4 terminals do not need that much ressources. In times of heavy movements all MT4 of all VPS in the world trade at the same time, your VPS will need more ressouces and surely more CPU than in quite times. That is what i observed the last year.
-When to decide a big or two less configured VPS in sum equal to the big i'd choose the two smaller. That's my opinion. You have double the channels to trade and you can spread heavy CPU consuming EAs over your VPS and add some few consuming EA. This is kind of balancing. Better is to just have two bigger VPS of course and to keep them not overloaded at any time ;)
- the number of terminals per VPS is not the only thing, you also have to count your charts/ea in any mt4 instance. Use the task manager and look for the ressources, that is what counts finally. Keep your CPU below 50% in quiet times.

vishal (vishal123forex)
Jan 02 2015 at 16:10
posts 2
i want best forex vps , anbuddy help me ?

Dec 05 2014 at 11:54
posts 4
Dear tradertimo01,

We are sorry if you stay unsatisfied with our service but after reviewing your case we found that you have started more MT4 terminals then recommended for your chosen plan. You have Basic plan VPS which recommended for 4-5 terminals but on your VPS was launched (8) eight !!! Therefore your VPS was out of system resources and hangs.
In such case we can recommend you to close some of launched MT4 instances or upgrade to the higher plan.

Best regards,
Cheap Forex VPS support,
Lily Patterson

Dec 04 2014 at 07:42
posts 1
Hello! I can really not recommend this service. I have to VPS with them for about 6 month and run them below the specification. 5 MT4 are specificed for my plan and I only run 4. However, the downtime exceeds the uptime... I check the servers every morning and nearly every second morning (somethimes all 5 mornings in a week), the server when down due to insufficient memory...

A good thing about the team: They are extremely fast and friendly!

However, in my opinion quick troubleshooting is not necessary if the technology works...

I will search for another provider...

Nov 12 2014 at 07:33
posts 83
been with cheapforex vps 1 year; one crash only in that time; because i had too many mt4 platforms open same time.i tried 3-4 vps and this is my best one so far.price is excellent.is hyper-v server.2003.never have to restart mt4 platforms;always open after weekend.always choose hyper-v for trading forex.this vps i think is focused on forex; traders .so is set up to perform best for this.

BJ (brinol1)
Oct 08 2014 at 19:45
posts 1
Great customer service. My MT4 froze up and I shut myself out of my VPS just before FOMC (as you do) ..I was contacted very quickly and my server rebooted..brilliant service to go with some really decent vps plans..highly recommended.

Sep 12 2014 at 20:18
posts 2
I run EA trading and some special DLL relays on their basic VPS. Their customer service was quick, helpful, and correct when I had a special request. I do not closely monitor the up time, but overall it is a very good service for the money

May 01 2014 at 04:02
posts 1
It's been more than one month I've subscribed to this service and it's really good service and cheap, I don't have any problem with it so far and my MT4 is running without any interruption noticed on my trades, if they have maintenance usually they do that on weekends when Forex market is closed, it's really appreciable :)

Best regards
Hotpip Forex Team

Feb 04 2014 at 14:59
posts 4
Dear Mr. Ionel (balfx42),

We are sorry for any inconvenience. We are working to make our customers satisfied with our service and we are so sorry to read such comment about us. We are glad to help you, but as an administrator you should understand that we are able to do anything in case you don't give us access to your VPS.

Could you please contact us and give access to your VPS to our tech team and they will check is it anything ok with it. In case you stay unsatisfied we will issue refund.

Best regards,
Cheap Forex VPS support,
Lily Patterson

Jan 22 2014 at 15:10
posts 1
Last week and 3 days this week including today the network connection to the servers is really crappy. Up/down/up/down and so on non-stop.
This guy from cheap forex vps tried to lie me that the problem is my VPS but this is not true. I know this because I was system administrator and I know that I must ping other computers in the network when cannot ping some computer.
In this way I know is the problem only one computer or the network for example the gateway or internet connection.
I did ping of 5 other computers from the network. I told him yesterday that I ping on IP [x.x.x.x] and he added to the router to be always on but he doesn't know the other computers that I test with ping so cannot cheat me again 😈 😈
When my connection was down it was the same for all other 5 computers and when up is up for all.
This is the most crappy provider that I know!!! And he even lies non-stop!! Not telling me the true.
My trades are in ruins and I lost lot of money 😡😡😡

Jan 16 2014 at 08:13
posts 2
To update it appears I was hacked so not their fault. Working fine since I got new clean VPS. 😀

Jan 10 2014 at 18:36
posts 2
Been with them just under two weeks and very frequent crashes and freezes playing havoc with my trades. As I post trying to get them to bring server on line again after email from one of my signal providers.

Paid in advance but I'll get my money back through PayPal.😡

AJ (aj103015)
Nov 09 2013 at 10:26
posts 4
The are great for me and my trading no problems so far

Trade like a sniper not a machine gunner
Nov 06 2013 at 07:57
posts 1
Great service for good money, I really like them. I no need any tech extras or something more. All I need is stability and good(fast) service. This guys give that for me...

Aug 27 2013 at 10:08
posts 1
I searched for vps services to do my forex trading. One of my friend recommend the cheap forex vps. One thing I must in the name they are using cheap but in quality they are good. At least I'm satisfied with their service and customer support.

Md. Faruqe Hossain (faruqeeu)
Aug 25 2013 at 14:33
posts 4
I don't know what mean that whois. I know that I buy their VPS on Mar,2013 via my broker. As I know they sell before via different resellers. may be they don't has that webpage before I really don't know but what I know is their quality and service. In September my vps half-year contract expired and I'll be happy to renew it.

Md. Faruqe Hossain (faruqeeu)
Aug 22 2013 at 06:33
posts 4
I personally consider Cheap Forex VPS as the best VPS since their server is very much reliable and is not likely to crash. Their servers work 24x7 without any disconnection or interruption of internet connectivity and EA. I use them more then half year and no one crash during this time. Their technical support are fine and very responsible. So what more do you need as a Forex trader from Forex VPS provider ? For me they really best one...

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