Is FP Markets suitable for beginners?

Jun 24, 2021 at 09:53
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May 31, 2021 부터 멤버   게시물56
Jun 24, 2021 at 09:53
I'm a beginner looking around for a good broker, and I keep reading many reviews on an Australian broker, FP Markets.

I would like to know if it's really a good broker for beginners, and can anyone share your personal experience with this broker?
Mar 16, 2021 부터 멤버   게시물477
Jun 24, 2021 at 10:37
I would say you should do research online. It is possible to get the right decision.
Oct 16, 2020 부터 멤버   게시물137
Jul 01, 2021 at 07:22
Yes, FP market is definitely suitable for beginners too. However, please do your research first. Go to their live chat and ask the questions that you have in mind and I’m sure you will get all your answers.
Oct 20, 2020 부터 멤버   게시물49
Jul 01, 2021 at 15:08
I can say that this broker is suitable for beginners because their customer service is quite helpful when you need them regarding any queries.

The trading conditions are also better than other ecn brokers, and they also have a micro-lot with 0 pips for lower-risk trading.
Jul 23, 2020 부터 멤버   게시물869
Jul 06, 2021 at 13:40
Is this broker good? I never tried this broker.
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